Wie funktioniert Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate Marketing Erklärung und Anleitung auf Deutsch

How affiliate market runs Alex organizes a produce website, and then through Distribute the link to his website on the Internet, for example through youtube youtube instagram or through search engine optimization. Tina ascertained or found this connection somewhere on the Internet, click on the link and it will Forward to Alex’s link page. Find tina on the link site of alex For example, you are always looking for or like and want more makes Understand it. Tina clicks on the concoction on the alex website and an amendment of For example, forward to Amazons online store to learn more about the concoction Watch. For example, if Tina buys produces through Amazon, then Alex will charge the regional commissions for this Because he superseded on his website or through his affiliate link The product has been advertised and sold. This is how affiliate marketing offices. If you like this video Then sound subscribe now, if you want to learn more about affiliate marketing Then go to www.dein-affiliate-blog.com or the following location in the description.

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