WIX Affiliate Marketing [Download My Template]

If you were looking to createa niche specific affiliate marketing websiteand you want to use Wix website builder, then look no further because I’ve officially finishedthe Wix affiliate marketing template. And in today’s video I’m going to be sharing it with you guys. Hi everyone. Welcome back to another video.I hope you’re all doing well. If you’re new here, my name is Gregand I like to talk about online entrepreneurship. So if you’re interested in making money online, feel free to look around the channeland you might find some stuff that you like. In today’s video I am excited to finally announcethat the Wix affiliate marketing niche website templatethat I’ve been working on for months now, it’s finally available for you guys. If you’ve seen the other video on my channelabout creating a niche specific affiliate marketing website using Wix website builder as opposed to WordPress then you know that that video goes from startingfrom scratch on Wix and building a template by hand. Now that is absolutely still relevant, but a lot of you guys were having some trouble putting the site togetherbecause it is a little bit tricky to make it from scratch.Additionally, I’ve been working nonstop to improve this template, make it more efficient,make it convert better, make the articles easier for people to read. And show up on Google better. So with that said, I have a new and improved Wix affiliate marketing template and it is pre-made for you.So I can transfer it to your Wix account. You don’t have to build it from scratch.And now all you have to do is customize the templateto your niche and then fill in your articles. Now this template that I’ve made for you guys isthe same one that I personally use for all of my sites. Now as you can see, this is actuallya pretty long YouTube video. And the reason for that is the second half of this videohas the full tutorial on how once you get this template, how you customize it to your niche. And the cool thing is once you get this template one time,you can duplicate it for all of your future affiliate marketing websites. Just so it’s plug-and-playand makes everything so easy. Now if you guys want to check out this template, the link is down in the description and I 100% stand behind this template. Now once you guys click on that link, it’ll bring you to the landing page I made specifically for the download of this template. There’s only two steps; I tried to keep it extremely easy and the next part of this video will go through everything from step one, step two, downloading it and then a full walkthrough of how to put the whole site together for every one of your niche sites in the future.So guys that’s it for me talking about this template in this video.If you’re interested in getting it, stick around for the rest of this video it’ll walk through everything you need to know.And the last thing I want to say before we get into the tutorial of ‘how to download it and put it together’ is that the reason that I’m making this template and I’m getting it out to you guysis because I was thinking about what I could do with this platform of this YouTube channel to change the world and actually make it better. Now I know that sounds like a very lofty goal, but you guys know me.I’m always helping you in the comments I’m trying to put out the best value I possibly can. And I really think a template like this will changehow affiliate marketing is done for the future. As far as it stands right now, there’s not a single other template for Wixthat is optimized for niche affiliate marketing websites. So with that said, I hope this template helps a ton of you guys, saves you a ton of time, frustration in putting templates together and this can get you guys started with affiliate marketing. Alright, with that said let’s get straight into the tutorial part of thisin the computer on how to download it and how to start customizing it for your niche sites.So the very first part of the process here is togo over to greggottfriedtemplates.com And I tried to make this as simple as possible for you guys, so this is the domain that you can type in and you can go straight to this page. As you can tell, it’s a very basic page. It’s just for you guys who know me and want to get this template. So there’s only two steps to this to make it as simple as possible.You can do this on the computer, you can also do it on your smartphone if you need to but the first is you click the Step 1 button and that is to create a new Wix account and this is my personal referral link to Wix. Now this will bring you to whatever the current landing page is for Wix. So it may look like this, it may look like something different.But all you have to do is click one of the Start Now buttons, there will be buttons throughout here. You can click any of them, but just click one of these and you’ll create a new completely free Wix account. The reason we’re creating a new account is because we want this email that we’re going to be typing in here, for the step two that’s coming next. So make sure that you’re using the email that you create this account with for the second step, so when I send the template to you, it’s going to the right account. Now if you already have a Wix account going then you can use that email address, but I don’t recommend it because the way that we’re setting this up is for scale and thinking simplicity down the road. It just keeps things very organized and easy to manage and trust me when I say a couple years down the road when you have 5-10 different affiliate sites, you’re going to want them all in one place, not scattered between multiple different accounts.So with that said I’m going to create a new Wix account just like you guys would. Here you can use any email address that you have, you can even create a new one specifically for this but just keep in mind this is going to be the email address tied to your affiliate marketing Wix account. So once you have that email typed in and the password for your account, just remember this email because we’re going to use it in step 2 coming up here, but just click Sign Up right here and then you will have a couple prompts here. But all you have to do is just click Skip in the corner. We don’t need to do any of these. We just need a brand new account here. So then you’ll have two prompts over here All we want to do is just hit Choose a Template and then click My Sites up top So now that’s it. First step one. The Wix account is now created. It’s a completely free Wix account. But now it’s a fresh account.So all of our affiliate marketing sites will be made here. So now let’s go back to our other tab, which is greggottfriedtemplates.com Step 1 is now completely complete. Now we can move on to Step 2 and this is purchasing the Wix affiliate marketing template and using the email that we just used to create the new Wix account. So all we’ve got to do here is click the button to buy the Wix template and this will bring you right over to PayPal. This makes sure that all the transactions are 100% protected.PayPal has military-grade security. So your information is going to be safe when purchasing this. I just wanted to make sure that that was in here, so no one has any risk when making this purchase. Now a couple quick things to go over here. This is a $50, one-time fee. This will give you lifetime access to the template and you can use it on all of your personal websites. So every single affiliate marketing website that you personally use by paying this $50 once, it gives you rights to use this on every single one of your websites. You do not have to pay $50 for each website. Now, I’m sure some of you guys will be wondering why this is $50 to buy this and why it’s not a free template and there’s a couple of reasons why.The first one is you guys know how much I’ve put into this template. I’ve been working on it for months. It’s the template that I personally use for all of my affiliate marketing websites, and there’s a lot of value to that. Another reason is I’ve learned in the past that when I give things out for free, they just get duplicated and people rip them off and then there’s hundreds or thousands of copies of these things across the internet and it’s just that’s not the way that I want to do this. I made this template specifically for you guys who have been following me and you are taking this seriously and you want to put this into action that’s why I made this a barrier to entry and especially at the price of $50 where you really do have to be committed and willing to spend $50 to go forward with this. And the last reason is that $50 is extremely competitive for a premium theme like this, with the type of rights that I’m giving to you guys to use it on any of your personal sites for lifetime.When you come over and look at any other themes. This one is Income School, these guys have a great presence on YouTube, I’ve learned a ton from them over the years. They have their own theme called Acabado and it’s an amazing theme as you can tell once you get this Wix theme it is inspired by this template because it works so well and looking at their pricing, it is $50 a year and that gives you unlimited sites for you personally, or $100 for a lifetime membership of all of your own personal sites. Now when you compare this to other themes that are out there, this is for WordPress only, there aren’t many Wix themes that you can actually buy. It’s $89 a year or $250 for the lifetime. $59 for every single website you make. $59, a year up to $699 for lifetime. So selling it at $50 and giving you guys the full rights to use it for a lifetime and use it on all of your personal sites is a really good deal. So that should cover the $50 and why that is there.If you have any questions about that do let me know but there’s two ways you can go from here. You can either log in to your PayPal account and just pay through there or you can just do a guest to check out. You don’t need a PayPal account at all. All you have to do here is fill out your information, card number first, last name, billing address and then the most important thing of all of this is to make sure that you put the email address that we just used to create our new Wix account with, then once you do this, just hit Pay Now, it’ll process the payment, it’ll send me an email with this email address that you just entered here. And that is where the Wix template will be transferred to.So once you’ve done that, you’ve officially placed your order and you’ll get this order confirmation page and all this is telling you is a couple important things and that is that keep an eye on your email inbox of the email account that you just used to create the Wix account and to place this order with. You will get an email from Wix within 24 hours with the transfer request. So keep an eye on your inbox and also your spam or junk folder, it may go there. So at this point you should have three emails in your inbox from Wix. The first one is going to be straight from them, just asking for you to confirm your email on your account. You can do this or not do it, it’s really not consequential. If you want everything to be by the book. So then you can Click Confirm Email now. No problem with that. The second one is going to be just some information from Wix, giving you some information on how to create your website.We really don’t need this because I’m sending you the template. And then the third one, this is the one that you will get within 24 hours from submitting your order. And something really important to know here is that once this email is sent to you it expires in three days. So as soon as you get this email within 24 hours of placing your order, make sure that you click Accept Transfer within 3 days of getting this email. Now once you click this button to accept the transfer, it’ll be put right into your account. You don’t have to do anything special and you will be brought to this page right here.Now if we click My Sites in the corner again, we now have this template waiting for us right here. This is the coolest thing ever. So it transferred right into your account. You are now the owner of it. So once you’ve got this template in your account, you could technically go in and start editing it but there’s something really important that I want to explain. You’re actually never going to edit this specific template, what you’re going to do from this template, this is going to be your base. So this is the template you’re going to duplicate off of and create starting templates for your future sites. So make sure that you never delete this template. It’s always best practice to create a couple duplicates of it. So you make sure that you always have a copy. But what you want to do is when you’re ready to create a new affiliate marketing site for a new niche, all you have to do is click Site Actions and then Duplicate Site and you can call this whatever your niche topic for this specific site is.So for example, we call this our Ebikes website and we’ll duplicate, let this load for a second and what this is going to do is it’s going to keep the original template that we just duplicated. And this is going to be the one that we will start editing. So I just want you guys to make sure that you never delete the actual template that I sent to you guys and you don’t actually edit it either. When you go to create a new site, we will be duplicating from this template and we will edit all of these websites. Not the original. So if you’re afraid of accidentally deleting this, just go through and just duplicate it and just make this 3. We could just make this a duplicate of that template and that way we have two of these so we are never accidentally deleting our initial template. Now when you first duplicate a template it’s going to have this kind of thumbnail on it, so if you just refresh your page after you give it a couple seconds, it’ll show you that it is the same template, but now you officially have the template on your Wix account.So the way that you get to this, this is called your Dashboard and My Sites is if you just go to wix.com, it’ll bring you right into your dashboard by default. Now if you are logged out, you just log in with the email that we created and the password we created earlier, and it’ll bring you right to your dashboard here. So something important to remember is that this is a completely free Wix account. So at this point you are not being charged for anything, now we’ll talk about this in a bit.But once you go through it and you’ve customized your site and you’re ready to start writing articles on it then you can upgrade that specific site to a premium plan on Wix and then when you go on and you create your next topic niche affiliate marketing website, then you can purchase a premium plan for that site as well when it’s ready. But starting out like this, nothing is upgraded. You’re not paying for any premium plans and you’re not being charged for anything. So that’s how you actually purchase and download the Wix template and get it on your own account. Now we’ll actually get into customizing it and building out your niche affiliate marketing websites. All right, so without further ado, let’s get into actually putting the website together. So as you guys just saw these are the templates we’re going to keep for building the templates off of. We never edit these.This is the one that we just duplicated and this is going to be our first niche affiliate marketing website and it’s going to be on Ebikes. So all we have to do for this website is click Select and Edit Site and then this is kind of your website’s dashboard. So not your overall dashboard, but the relevant information on this specific website. So what we do from here is go to Site Actions and then Edit Site and then this will open up a new tab and just give it a second to load here. And what it’ll do is bring us into the editor preloaded with the template that I’ve created for you guys. So just a couple basics before we start putting this all together and I’ll go through this entire site building it as if you were building an ebike niche affiliate marketing website.But a couple of things we need to know first are mainly over here. We have our desktop view then we can switch it to mobile view. So we’re always going to be editing, making sure that everything looks good in mobile as well as in desktop. That’s a really nice feature of Wix is that you can easily switch between the two and make sure that it looks good on both. The second thing is to always make sure that your site is saving, so you can click this as often as you want. Just make sure that you’re saving your progress in case something freezes, the internet goes out. You don’t want to lose the last two hours of you working on your website. Trust me, speaking from experience that is not a good time. So feel free to click Save as often as you want. Autosave should be turned on by default, so it should save every couple minutes, but with that said don’t be afraid to click Save frequently. So whether you guys have used Wix before or not, it is really easy to edit all of this here.So I’m gonna switch it over to Preview Mode so we can bounce around the site and I can show you basically what this template is before we go in and edit it. So as you can see, it is a very fast loading, very simple basic web site that is built exactly for what I’ve been teaching you guys. So this is our Homepage here and we can fill out our About Us we can put in our affiliate disclaimers we can even link up Google Adsense.So we’re getting paid by people just coming to your website and seeing it. I will explain all of this in detail as we put it together. But I just want to give you a rundown of what we have here. So you have your Homepage, you’ve got kind of your background image, different categories that you can custom make for your niche. So if you have three specific types of categories for that niche, you can set them all here and customize what they say. So as you see, it keeps our Affiliate Disclaimers here. It keeps our About Us and our Ad is back here.And then that is our category 1. It’s the same for category 2, category 3. And then we even have a Resources Page which is typically one of your most profitable pages because you can link up specific affiliate resources. Again, you have your Ad over here and this is where you get a lot of clicks just because it’s a very big page easy for people to click on and get direct resources that are all your affiliate linking. Now another cool feature here is on the Homepage, you can get to these categories from these big areas down here. So these are big buttons and we can put custom images behind them so people can just click on the image and again it brings them to category 1 here as well.So that is the template, everything is pre-made for you. All you have to do is basically fill out your articles and they will auto-populate into the feed here and then if it’s set in this category, they will auto-populate into this categories feed and the same for all of these categories over here. So it splits up your posts into the corresponding categories. It does that for you and then if we come over to mobile, this is how it looks on the phone and everything is optimized and formatted perfectly here as well. So this truly is a optimized plug-and-play template. And like I said, this is the one that I personally use. So I’m going to switch back to desktop and I’m going to come out of Preview and go back into Editor and now let’s build this site as if we’re making a site for Ebikes. Alright, so the very first thing we need to do is change this background image. So just click on this once and then click Change Strip Background and then go to Image and then from here, we have a couple options.So what we need to find is a good background image based on Ebikes. So there’s a couple of things you can do: one you can go to media from Wix. These are going to be free images that Wix owns the copyright to and they are allowing you to use commercially. So if we type in ‘ebike’, it looks like they don’t have any images for us to choose from, I’m just going to make sure by typing in some variations And it looks like they don’t have any. Depending on your niche, you may be able to just directly get images from here, but if not, there are a couple options that I tend to use more frequently. I tend to go to two websites primarily; one is called unsplash.com and it’s just like that unsplash.com The other one is called pixabay.com and both of these are royalty-free, commercially usable, stock photo websites.So you can search what you’re looking for and you have a bunch of images that you can now use on your website commercially. So if we scroll through here, we can definitely find some images of Ebikes which are electric bikes and I’m looking for one that will be good for a background image, so things like this may work. But it doesn’t really tell people what we are.So I’m going to keep looking for one. This one might work because it’s kind of more of a landscape, easy on the eyes and you can see a bike over here, I’m going to keep that in mind. But I’m going to come over to Unsplash and see what we have over here. And let’s go through, these are motorcycles and one of these will definitely work. So let’s go with this one right here. And all we have to do is click this and then download for free. And now this just downloaded right to our computer, I’m just going to double click it to open it. And now is a pretty important part. So we need to resize this to make sure that it is not too large of a file to put on the website, which is going to slow it down.So for your header photo, it is going to be sized at 1960 pixels wide. Now if you don’t have the ability to do this on your computer, you don’t have to do it. If you do have a Mac like this. It is extremely easy, you just open it in preview and you click on tools, adjust size, and we’re just going to switch this from the 5452 pixels, which is pretty big to 1960 and a corresponding height.We’ll leave the resolution at 72 pixels per inch. That is perfect. We don’t need to go any bigger than that and then we’ll click OK. Now it’s just going to resize the image, as you see when we make it big how it’s going to be on the website. It’s still clear enough. This is just a much smaller file size. Now there is one additional step from here just to make it a little bit smaller, make the website load a little bit faster So what that’s going to be is I’m going to close out of this. In a new tab, I’m going to go to compressor.io it’s not compressor.com but compressor.io and what this is is it reduces your file size without changing the look of the image. So all you have to do is click try it and then choose that photo that we just resized or if you’re not able to resize it you just choose the photo from Pixabay or Unsplash and all we do is hit Select File We’ll select that image, let this upload and we’ll see how much smaller it can make it, and it made it 26% smaller without us doing anything else.So as you can see the image looks exactly the same but it’s 26% smaller So that’s good. This image is now ready to go. We’ll click Download your File It’ll download it right to your computer and then we’ll go back to our Wix website and we’re going to go to Upload Media. Upload from your computer and then make sure you choose the right image.The one that is a smaller file size and then just give this a second to upload to the site and it shows that that image is selected and it’s uploaded. Now we just click Change Background, and now we have an ebike background that looks a lot better. So if we do need to change this and crop kind of where this is showing which part of the image, all you have to do is click that Settings button and then click up or down here and it’ll show a different part of the image. but I think right in the center looks perfect for this image. So it looks good to go. If I put this back in preview, now you can see that we have a really nice banner kind of landing page background which shows you that this is an ebike website because it’s a bike with the battery right there. That looks perfect. So let’s go back into Editor and we will keep going through here. So let’s jump into the About Us sidebar over here and start customizing that.So this is all grouped together. And the reason for that is it keeps the formatting exactly how it is as the articles start to populate on the left side. So all we need to do here is just come into each of these elements, just make sure you’re selecting the element and not having the whole group selected like this. If it’s showing the whole group is selected, it’s highlighting everything. What we need to do is click on each specific element. So like this, I’ll click on that. Now you can see that this image is selected. Now we need to put in an image of yourself. So this is going to be your website. You are the author. If you’re not comfortable having yourself as the author, you can have a ghostwriter. So you can put in a picture of an ebike and then you can say this website is yada yada yada, and not say about yourself.I personally recommend that you do put yourself on here because it builds credibility. And it shows all the viewers that you are a real person, you ride these bikes and it makes your website more relatable because it’s a real person that’s writing these articles and not just a company or a very vague article being written by who-knows-who. So once this is selected just click Change Image and here you want to just choose a photo of yourself. This can really be whatever is tailored to your niche. So if this is a more professional niche, then you’re going to want to have a more professional headshot. If it is a more recreational niche like ebikes, then you can have a photo of yourself riding an ebike or just a headshot of yourself. That’s what I typically use. So I’m just going to choose a headshot off of my computer and I’ll upload that here and this is just loading.Now my headshot is small. It’s about 50 Kb. So if yours is a large file again, you can just do the same thing, come over to compressor, just do compress another image and upload your headshot there. Make it a little bit smaller if you need to and then come back over to Wix and upload that there. So I’m just going to do Choose Image and then I’ll go right into there, perfect easy as that. Now we can move down into the kind of bio section here. And this is explaining briefly who you are and what you do. So we just click on this click Edit Text and we can just kind of fill this in, so I’m just going to do I’m Greg. And then you want to make sure that the next sentence is how you are involved in the niche, this is why I’m always saying that it is good to make niche affiliate marketing websites about something that you are passionate about, something you know about, something that you are involved in because it makes it so much easier for you to write the articles.But also people can relate to you a lot more. So I’m just going to highlight this sentence right here, and I’m going to fill this in with; I love the outdoors and ebikes have become a big part of my life over the past few years. And then the last sentence you can leave the same, which is, ‘this is the website where I share everything I’ve learned’. So basically what you’re telling everyone in this bio, is that this is your name, this is how you were involved in the niche and you’ve learned things since you’ve been in the niche and this is the website where you share the valuable things that you’ve learned. So that is it for the bio, nice and easy.And then I’m just going to scroll down. I’m going to skip over the Google Adsense for now. We will definitely be coming back to this and I’m going to go into the Legal Information section and I’m just going to click in here and just kind of read through this and change out the information that has the quotes in it. So it’s customized to you and your website. So the very first part of this is this site is owned and operated by this can either be your name or your company name.So you don’t have to have a company to do this. But if you do have one you can put that in here and add some credibility. If not, you can just put in your name So I’m just going to double click in here. And for this first one. I’m just going to put in my name. And then we’ll just keep going through this your name or company name and then I’m going to do Greg Gottfried again is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com This is basically just our disclaimer to cover ourselves because technically we will get a commission if someone uses our link and makes a purchase, so we just have to make that known on every page that we have affiliate links. That’s why you will see the sidebar and legal information disclaimer on every single page. That way it covers us for every single place we have an affiliate link.Now, this is just to be extremely safe. If you have a small website, you probably don’t need this on your site for the first at least year until you have substantial traffic. But just putting it in from the beginning in a plug-and-play template like this. Why not put it in if it’s going to be this easy? So we’re just going to keep going here and there’s another section to put our name or company name. So Greg Gottfried also participates in affiliate programs with other sites. So this is just saying that you are participating in the Amazon Associates affiliate programand you’re affiliated with other products and other services. So continuing with this. It’s basically filling your company or your name in quite a few times here, but it makes it pretty easy. So Greg Gottfried is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. Boom. That’s your legal section right here nice and easy.You don’t have to do anything else here. This sidebar is now ready to go And again we welcome back to the Google Adsense section here in a bit. Alright, so the next thing we need to do is we need to remember that we have other pages here that have the same sidebar. So the easiest way to do this is basically just to click in here, click on this section and I’m just going to double click it and then right click and copy it and then I’m going to go up top here. Go to Category 1 I’m going to pop right into this section. Click it, double click it and paste it.Boom! That’s done. I’m going to go to the next page. Click, click, double click and right click and then paste and I’m just going to do this a couple more times. Ok, let’s go back to our Homepage again, we’ll do the same for legal information. Okay, that all looks good and coming back to our Homepage All we’ve got left is to put in our photo on all these pages. So I’m just going to go through one more time and just select, select again, change image should be pre-loaded right here. So you can just choose that image, and then we’ll go to the next page. I wish there were a way for this to work where you just enter it on one page and then it auto-populates to all of them, but unfortunately, that’s not the case. So this one time through in the beginning when you are creating a new site you just have to do all this for every single page.Okay, so the sidebar is good to go on every page with the exception of Adsense and we will come back to that. I’m going to click Save just to make sure we have all of this saved. So now let’s change our category names to what they are. So this is going to be ebikes So think of three categories that you want to make posts on; these can be reviews of different products. They can be accessories. They can be top lists. They can be general education It’s less important about what these categories are and more important about what the posts are overall that you’re writing.A lot of your posts are going to be reviews and general education. So, ‘how does this product compare to this product?’ ‘What is the best ebike for under $1000?’ ‘what are the top five bikes for under $500?’ So putting these different categories in here is more of just a way for people to sort through specific types of articles and just remember that the most important thing is that you’re writing good content no matter what category it’s going to go into. So all we’ve got to do to change these category names up here is go to the drop-down over here and go to Manage Pages, we’ll go to Category, just click that once and then double click on it and you can change the name.I’ll do the first one as Accessories, is always going to be a great category. We’ll click done. Category 2, I’m going to do Top Lists These will be like the top five bikes under $500 things like that and category 3 I’m going to do a general category of education and this will be education geared towards ebikes. This is kind of your overflow category So if you have an article, that’s not really fitting into one of these you can just add it to the education category. Now we’ve just changed the names up top here, but we still need to change the names of the categories on the actual pages. So I’m just going to click into the page. Now, we know we’re on the education page because it’s selected.It’s also shown up here. So I’m going to double click in here and change this to Education and then down here, I’m also going to change this to Education. This one’s fully capitalized, I think that looks a lot better for this template layout. So I recommend making this capitals as well that matches our About Us tab over here And then I’m just going to Save, make sure we’ve got that saved. Click done, come over to our other page top lists, will do the same thing here, double click Top Lists. Same thing in here. Okay looks good and then we’ll come to Accessories, double click, alright, we’ll make sure we’ve got that saved.All right, this is all looking good so far. Now, let’s go to the Homepage again and remember, we have these tabs at the bottom to get to our three different pages. So we’re going to click on Category 1. We’re going to click on Change Text, and we’ll switch that to Accessories. And you can see that that is linking to accessories, okay, that looks good. We can click off that category 2, change the text and we can switch that to Top Lists and then Category 3 over here, we’ll switch that text to Education Okay, this is starting to come together here. Make sure that you’re saving all the time. So this is all looking good. So far one more logistical thing we need to do for these categories is click the down arrow go to blog and then click on this back here and then go to Settings and then categories on the left side and it’s still set as category 1, 2 and 3.So when you do create a new post and you choose the category, we want to make sure we know what category that is So we’re just gonna click on the three dots and rename that Accessories Okay, and the next one is Top Lists Alright and the third one is Education Alright we’re literally almost done already but this is going pretty. Quickly let’s go back to the Homepage. Now we need to change the images that are going to show up over here on these three tabs and they should correspond to the pages. The headers that are going to be up top. So since we have Accessories, Top Lists and Education, they’re all pretty ambiguous. Accessories is one where you’re maybe going to want to have more of a image of different types of accessories that could go on ebikes but Top Lists and Education and a lot of the categories are going to set for your websites.You basically just need to have a cool visually appealing image as that background and make sure that the image relates to the niche obviously So we need to have a image for accessories right here as the background that also matches with our Homepage button that is down here. So I’m going to go back over to Unsplash and I’m going to check out and see if they have some more images that I could put in as these backgrounds. So let’s scroll through here and see if I can find a good one for accessories So Unsplash probably not Pixabay, let’s see what we have here, and I think I’m going to go with this right here because it has an accessory right on the front and I think this might be a good image just to show that it is some type of accessory and you can see there’s kind of a computer screen up top.There’s a bell over here, you have a basket. So I think this one’s going to be fitting. This will be our first one. We’re going to download that. And then on Pixabay, you actually get to choose the size that it downloads, so that 1920 is pretty perfect. It’s pretty close to our 1960 that we were using before for the full width image. So I’m just going to do the 1920 and that means I don’t have to resize it because it is close enough You might get a reCAPTCHA. So you just have to fill that out and then download but it’ll download right to your computer. I’m just going to go back to Pixabay, but I have it downloaded right here. So all I’m going to do is put this through compressor.io again just to make it a little bit smaller to make our site load faster and we’ll just let that load and see how much smaller we can get it.Okay, so compressor didn’t make it any smaller on this one, that does happen sometimes. No problem at all. And this is going to be our image. We don’t need to download it again because it’s the same size So I’m just going to use the one that I downloaded straight from Pixabay So come back to the Wix website and this background image. So there’s a button on top of an image, they are both linked So when users click on either of them, it will link to that page but we want to make sure we are clicking on the image in the background and then Change Image and we will upload the one that we just got from Pixabay and just give that a second to load and there’s our image I’m going to Choose Image that’s going to be our background.It shows Accessories. That works. Perfect. Let’s come over to our accessories page and fill that into the banner as well So all we’ve got to do is click on this blue background here, change strip background go to Image and we can choose that image right there. Perfect. Change Background and that’s going to be our kind of banner image for the Accessories and it works out as you can see it is pretty zoomed in. It’s going to be pretty zoomed in on all of your banners here, but it’s showing Accessories, so that works perfectly, so you can close out of that as you can see this website if we I’m just going to save it again If we pop this into Preview we start to get an idea of what this site is going to look like and it looks really clean.So I’m going to scroll back down here and this is looking good. I’m going to go back to editor and we’re going to do the same for Top Lists and Education So let’s come back over to Pixabay and let’s get back to all of our ebike images here. So we have Top Lists and we have Education. So oftentimes I find myself overthinking this but realistically you just need to find images that are related to the niche.This is not a really crucial thing and you can always change this down the road. So try not to get hung up on this. But I’m just going to click one of these that shows a motor on an ebike we’ll click that and I’m going to download it to 1920 Okay, Download, All right, that’s downloaded. We’ll go over to compressor and compress another picture and we’ll select this one See if we can get any smaller and we’ll just give that a second and it looks like this one gets a little bit smaller. So that’s perfect. We will come back to our Wix site. Top Lists, choose the image and then Change Image, upload that file that we just put through compressor and then just let that load onto the site make sure it’s selected.Choose the image, that looks pretty cool. And then I’m going to scroll up go over to top lists, do the same for the background here. So as you can see, I’m moving pretty quick on this one because it’s the same process as before. And once you get the hang of it the first time, building all of your future sites, you can really customize and build out an entire website off of the template in probably under an hour’s time. So that now looks good. I’m just going to save this. Well AutoSave just saved it. So that’s perfect. I’m going to come over to the Homepage again, and we’ve got one more. This is going to be our education section. So let’s come back over here and see if we can find a good photo for Education. So if we pop into Preview we can take a look at how far we’re getting with our site here We still have our Adsense to put together, we still have a couple things that we need to fill out at the end, the logo, things like that. But as we pop around, you can really start to see the website taking shape pretty quickly and click any of these it’ll bring us over to that page. We do still have our Resources Page. So that’s what we should tackle right now and we’ll have to get a background image for this.So we’ll do that. I can’t believe that I forgot to put the profile picture over here. So I’m just going to add that in real quick and this sidebar is now good to go. Still have our Adsense back there. So let’s go back over to Unsplash or Pixabay and find another background image for our Resources Page and then we’ll come through and we’ll fill out our affiliate resources. So what we have here on the Resource Page is specific affiliate resources. So these are less specific products and more overall discounts that someone can use your affiliate discount to an entire site or a product or service that everyone is going to need in that niche. So to give you an example, you would not want to link up specific helmets here, that would go in an article. Rather you would link up your affiliate code to a website that sells ebikes that you are a part of their affiliate program with.So let’s just say there is a website called ebikes.com or something like that and you are part of their affiliate program. They may give you a specific code or specific links that you can use, where anyone can come to the site, buy anything from the site and get 10% off for using your code or your link. So what you would do is you would go to that ebikes.com website, whatever it is, and download their logo and you would upload the company logo right here.And to do that basically, you just click in here. It’s grouped elements again. You just click in on the image, change the image to the company’s logo. You would download it as an image, put it through compressor, make it smaller, and then upload that logo, put it right in here, choose to add that and then this will be the company’s logo. And then once you’ve done that and you have a company logo here, you click the Link button, you switch it to web address and you put in your affiliate link to that website. And make sure it’s opening in a new window and then click Done.And that way people can see the logo here if they do click on it, it’ll send them to the website to that resource with your affiliate link attached. The other place you’re going to put that link is right here, View Resource. That’s a button you link it, again we’re going to go web address, paste it here and then make sure that it’s a new window and then the only other things you have to do is put the title of what that affiliate resource is or that affiliate website and then you have two spaces here This is all in the same text box, you can put in what your specific code is if they need to manually type it in at checkout.They may need to or just using your link, if this is the case, you can put your code here. If you don’t have a code, you can just get rid of this code, leave Description and they can click these links which will send them on your affiliate link anyway. And track them so you get commission and then you just put a short description of what this affiliate resource is if it’s ebikes.com for that example that we’re hypothetically using here, you can say ebikes.com is the top retailer for where you want to buy e-bikes online and by using the code below or clicking the view resource button, you will get a 10% discount. So that’s all you do for your affiliate resources here and you can do as many of them as you need. So if you only have one resource to put here, all you have to do is delete these, so these are all grouped together. So if you just click on the not the group, but if you click on the Container Box just click it once, hit Backspace on your computer or Delete if you’re on a Mac and it’s gone.So that’s how you get rid of the affiliate resources. If you need to add more affiliate resources, just click on the container box and then right click and then duplicate and then you have another one right here and you can just drag it down here and just kind of line up to make sure that this space here and this space here are as close as you can get them. And just make sure that you’re dragging the container box and you’re not dragging the group that’s inside. If you do drag this, it’s going to kind of mess that up So if you do mess up, just click the back button and it’ll put it right back into place.But that is how you configure your Affiliate Resources and make sure that you are clicking Save along the way. Ok from here, let’s go back to our Homepage and there are a couple more things that we do need to tackle before the site is done. So first up here is your logo. This is an image right now. So if you do have a logo made for your website, you don’t need one. But if you do have one, you can just click Change Image and upload the logo right here and it’ll put that right into this space. If you do not have a logo, then here’s what you can do instead so you can just click on this logo and hit delete or backspace on your computer, that will free up this space here. And then all we need to do is come over to Add and then hit Heading 2 and we can drag that into our header and it’ll turn orange and it will attach up here and then you just type in the name of your website. So let’s for example, just call this Ebike World.That’s going to be the name of our site. I haven’t even looked to see if this is taken or not. But let’s just say that’s what we want to use. We can type it in right here and we can leave the font how it is. That looks kind of cool actually or we can select all of it. And then we can change the font to something else And we can just keep playing around with this until we have something that looks cool here just going to make the Box a little bit smaller and then what we do here to kind of replace our logo is we click on this then we do Edit Text and then we link it all, make sure it’s all selected.We click Link and we link it to the Homepage in the current window. It should be preset that way. We click Done and then we turn off the underline. So underline will come on. Let’s just turn that off and then X out. Now when we’re in preview this kind of acts as a logo because it’s text but if you click it, it links you to the Homepage. So anywhere that you are on the site, you can click it, it’ll bring you back to the Homepage just like that. Let’s go back to Editor because we’ve got one more thing to do on the Homepage at the bottom.So our website name is Ebike World. So I’m going to scroll down. Now, we need to switch the copyright. So copyright 2019 by you making this website yourself, you technically become the owner of the original work copyright. So you don’t have to do anything. You don’t have to register anything online. No paperwork, nothing. You can just put in ebike world, because you are the owner of the copyright, because you created this website. And as a reminder, whatever year you are creating this in, you are going to change this to that.So if it’s 2020 you will change it there, if it’s 2021 you change it here. It’s whatever year you created the website in, not the current year of when it is. So if you created the website in 2019, and it’s 2022 you do not need to change this to 2022. You leave it in whenever the website was created. That way it back dates your copyright all the way back to then, that shows that’s when the copyright started. So since this is in the Footer here, we actually don’t have to change it on the other pages.It will be changed for us because the Header and the Footer stay the same on every Page. So again, let’s just click Save, make sure we have everything we’ve done so far completely saved. And at this point we’re basically wrapping up the site. There’s only a couple more small things that we need to do, one of them starts with the Accessories. So this is our category 1, 2, and 3. We need to make sure that the posts are going into the proper category. So here we’re going to click on this pages feed here, and we’re going to go to Settings You’ll go to choose category and we’ll switch it from All Posts to Accessories. That looks good, and now we’ll go to our next page Top Lists. We’ll click on the Feed, Settings, choose Category and Top Lists.This way when we publish a new article and we choose the category, it’ll show up on the corresponding page. Education… And we’ll choose the category, switch it to Education. Now I’ve preset all of these things for you here so you don’t have to go through any of this. All the design, everything is already pre-configured. So you shouldn’t have to change anything else and that’s good to go on our Homepage. It’s already set to All Posts that’s by default. So when we go to Settings and choose Category, it’ll say All Posts, meaning that every single post that we post no matter what category it’s going into will show up on the Homepage, if it’s one of our three most recent posts. So the Homepage shows all of your categories, but only the three most recent posts. If a viewer wants to read more they have to start clicking on the categories and that brings them further into your website where they’re going to see more advertisements and they can get more relevant information for what they’re looking for.Okay, so now that everything’s basically configured, we need to go in and do one more kind of more technical step here, and this is configuring the SEO for each page. So we have all of our pages right here. This blog page is just kind of like the feeder of where the posts are going to be pulled from. No one will see this, only these pages here are what any website viewer will see.And we click on the three dots, we’ll start with the Home, we’ll go to SEO and we need to do this on each page. What we’re going to do is set the Page Description of what is on this page, so Google can show it in the search results. So right now, this is how our page would look on Google, it gives you a little preview. So we need to start filling in the description and for each of these pages here. So for the Homepage, we’re just going to say the name of the website. They definitely want to see that in there. So Ebike World is a website where you can learn everything you need to know about Ebikes. Now you can use this basically for every one of your sites. This is kind of the general statement that I put in the first line of the description on all of my niche websites and you basically tailor it to whatever the niche is. So here we’re talking about ebikes and the name of your website. You can do this for any of your niches, just basically change out the last word and the first word with the name of your website and then that’s the first line and then the second line is based on your categories.So you can write; learn about ebike accessories, top ebikes and ebike education. Boom! That is our description and that gives people everything they need to know about what we offer on this website. So just above this, it’s pulling the default name that we named our template. So I’m going to switch that to ebike world. So something that’ll just make it so much easier is you can take your first description from the Homepage and we’ll select all of that right click and copy it, and then just make sure that we’re going through the other pages. We can paste this same description on all of our other pages because we’re talking about the three categories. They’re already mentioned. So Accessories, accessories, top ebikes, Top Lists, ebike education, Education. So it’s all relevant and that way we tie in this one description for all of these pages.So we’ll go on to our next page. We’re just going to click on the three dots, SEO and we can paste that here. That looks good and just remember to switch this out if it’s not coming up properly. Okay, that looks good. We’ll come on to Top Lists, do the same thing. All right, almost done, couple more here, SEO and Resources is left. Resources you can use the same description for resources. We’re really not trying to come up first page of Google. The resources page is more of when people are on your website and bouncing around different pages. This is where they’re going to click Resources and see this page. Just make sure that you are changing the website name here as well. That looks good.Make sure that you save this because that was quite a bit there. All right, that looks good. All right. So all of those pages are set so we don’t need that anymore. We can click off of it. Just one more thing to make sure that our SEO is set. Hover over Settings here and then click on My Dashboard. So open up a new tab real quick go into Settings and then SEO and just scroll down and make sure that your Allow Search Engines to include your site and search results is turned on. That is going to be extremely important. So make sure that this setting is turned on if your site’s not published yet.If it’s not connected to a premium plan then more times than not, this setting will be turned off until you do publish the site and connect the domain and go through Wix SEO Wiz, which we’ll talk about here in a second. But I want to make sure that you guys know where this button is and make sure that it is always turned on. If this is turned off, your site will never show up in search results, and you will never get traffic. This is a very important button right here and it’s kind of hidden in all of these Settings. So just remember that you click on Dashboard and then you click on Settings and then SEO and it’s at the bottom. So this was another tab we can close out of this tab and go right back to our site, make sure that we are saved here and click Done. Now since we just made that change as you can see up here, if you go to Manage Pages and you click on the three dots, you click on SEO and you scroll down.It says, ‘show this page in search results’. It is not enabled. So since we just made that change now since everything is saved right now. We can refresh the page and no matter what, all of our pages will now be set to show up in Search Results. So this is now enabled that looks good that sets it on all of the pages at once so you don’t have to go in and do it manually for each of these. So we’ve basically now done all of the SEO that we need to do inside of the Editor. Now we need to do a couple of the finishing up steps here So the first thing we’re going to do is click off of this and we’re just going to click Publish Now remember, this is a free site. It’s going to be connected to a Wix domain, so no one’s going to be finding this. We haven’t connected it to a premium domain yet. Now what’s pretty cool is this link right here will take you right to that website.So if we click on View Site, it’ll take us to this link and we can go see what the website looks like in real time. It’s on a free plan right now. So it’s not going to show up in Google and this is not ideal. This is free while we’re customizing all of this. But what we need to do is we need to close out of this, go back to our Editor and we need to do two things. One is we need to purchase a website domain, which is the website name. And the reason we need to do that is it’s about $1 per month to purchase these but that connected to your website shows Google that you are a real website and you are not on a free plan anywhere and that they should be showing you in Google.So all we have to do for this is actually in one step. We just click Upgrade, go to Compare Plans and then you can choose whatever plan you like. The one that is ideal is the unlimited $17 per month. You don’t need to get any higher than that. A $22 and $39 a month is too much for what we need it for. It’s basically just giving you more storage. We don’t have anything that we need to store on the site. The reason that I go with the unlimited on all of my sites, (probably 99% of my sites are unlimited) is because you have unlimited bandwidth, which basically means your site can accommodate more traffic and load faster for them and keep performing at full speed. If you go with something like the Combo Plan to save a couple dollars per month, you only have two gigabytes of bandwidth. So as your site starts to grow and get more people going to it, it’s not going to be able to handle all of that traffic. So you really need the unlimited plan with unlimited bandwidth just to handle all of this traffic long run.So I personally pay about $17 per month on all of my websites. Sometimes there’s some sales going on and you can get it for $15 a month. Here and there the prices go up and down, but just know that if it’s around $17 per month. That is normal and that is a great price. That’s what I personally am paying, but by upgrading to a Premium Plan here you will then be able to connect a Custom Domain. And what’s kind of convenient is Wix gives you a free domain for the first year. So like I was saying before, the Custom Domains are about $12 to $15 per year after that. So the first year will be free and then after that it’s about $1 per month to have your domain which is really not a big expense.So all you’ve got to do is click the Select Here and it’ll bring you to different options of what you can buy to save money. Now you can do just one year, which is the standard. It’ll be $17 per month. It comes with that free domain. If you are trying to save money, you could do the monthly, but that’s not going to come with the free domain. So you would have to go purchase a domain separately. I recommend going with at least one year. It’s going to be about $204 of an upfront payment, but that covers your hosting for the entire year. And if you’re putting in work in the beginning and writing your articles, you will generate enough money to cover the hosting by the time the first year is up. Now what I typically do is buy three years of hosting, it brings it down to $12 a month. It’s about $432 or something like that as an upfront payment. But that covers you for three years of hosting.Now something that’s kind of cool about Wix is you’re buying three years of hosting on any one site at a time. So say you wanted to switch the hosting from the ebike website to something different, say you were testing out how to put the template together and you don’t want to actually go forward with the ebike website. You want to do a different niche. No problem. You can purchase the hosting here and you can transfer it to any of your websites on your Wix account. Now what you’ll see down the road is as you start to have multiple websites that are fully running, you’re going to have multiple Premium Plans and you can assign them to any websites at a time. When you make an affiliate site that you’re sticking with.It’s a long term place. You’re gonna want to have that for five plus years and it’s going to continue generating income. So buying the three years up front, if you do have that kind of money to spend, it’ll save you money down the road, because if you do put in the work upfront, you are going to want to just leave that site going for years to come. So no matter what you purchased, chances are it’s probably going to be yearly, just buying the first year.You just select that and then click Select, it’ll tell you how much that’s going to be $204, you pay for the whole year upfront. And what’s nice about Wix is they give you a full money-back guarantee for the first two weeks. So if you do purchase this, you spend the $200 and then you decide in a week that I don’t have time to go forward with an affiliate site I really can’t do this right now. You can get a refund for the full amount as long as you tell them in the first 14 days. So this site is now on Premium. I’ve got a Premium Membership on it So from here, once you’ve upgraded now you have that free voucher for a free domain for a year. So what we need to do from here is go to Settings and then go to Connect Domain and then the first one is Buy a new domain name and it shows you that you have it, get it free with a voucher.And here’s where we can search for it. Let’s see if that Ebike World is available, and it’s not available. So as we were making this light I was using Ebike World as the example and let’s see if we can put this in here and then make it available. Still not going to be available, see if that’s available. So as I was going through and making this site, I was just using that as a hypothetical example But what you are going to want to do is try to find preferably a ‘.com’ of something that is the cool name, that has your product or niche in it. Like ebike has it right in there, that helps with ranking. It can be ebike world, ebike planet. Let’s see if that’s available. That’s still not available.So this part is definitely up to you and the domain name is not crucial. So if you have something that’s creative, but also recognizable as your niche you can use that. It doesn’t have to be strictly the product or niche name. Now definitely a huge tip is if you can put the niche name of what it is in the domain, that’s really going to help with ranking. So what you need to do from here is keep searching until you find a domain that you like, you can spend a few minutes on this find a domain that you like and it’ll be the name of your website, like we had back on the header.And then once you find the domain name that you like, all you have to do is click Get It and then you will purchase the domain. It’ll be connected to your site and then just make sure that you are changing the name back up here and back down at the bottom here. Once that is set, we’re basically in the homestretch here. Once you have your domain connected you are on a Premium Membership. You just click Publish Again. You can publish it as many times as you want whenever you make a new change on the site Make sure to save it and publish it. If you do already have a live site that is on the internet, anytime you make a change to it hitting Save is going to save those changes, but you have to remember you have to publish it again. So that those changes you made are pushed to the Live Site that’s on the internet. So now that our site is on a premium plan. We have a domain connected and the site is published.No one’s going to be looking for it yet, and it’s not even really connected to Google yet, so it won’t be showing up. This is where we have to do the Wix SEO Wiz. This is a really important part to make sure that your site is going to be indexed and shown on Google. So at this point we go to Settings, we go to Get Found on Google, it’ll open up a new tab and it’ll bring us right into what’s called the Wix SEO Wiz And this is a feature that Wix added in the recent years and I absolutely love it. SEO used to be one of the biggest drawbacks of Wix but ever since they added the Wix SEO Wiz and made it so good, Wix sites can rank just as good as any other website builder out there now.So all you have to do is hit Start Now and we’ll type in the name of our website, which is ebike world. Okay next and then this is ‘do you have a business location?’ No, because it’s online only. And then you can add three keyword phrases that describe your business. So one is going to be ebike. You want to make sure that you have that main keyword in there and I’m just going to use other variations of the keyword. So depending on what people are typing in to try to find ebikes, these are things that they might be typing in. These three are probably the most popular variations of ebike when someone’s searching for it. So I want to make sure that Google knows this is what I want to show up for and that is the different variations of your keyword or your niche. Now to give you an example that’s not specifically ebikes because this worked out pretty perfectly, these are probably the top three searched terms for ebikes Let’s say for example your website was on rock climbing shoes because I’ve done an example on this previously the three that I would put in here for that are rock climbing shoes, climbing shoes, and bouldering shoes.They’re just three variations of what someone might be searching for to find rock climbing shoes So those are the three and just to show you how I type those in, if you type in your keyword and then you press comma it solidifies that keyword and adds it so you just press comma at the end and it’ll turn it into this bubble and then it is added then we hit Create SEO plan.This is something that I absolutely love about Wix is now it’s taking the information we’ve inputted on our site and what we just inputted in that quick survey and making a plan for our specific website to show up on Google. So now we just go to My Plan. Everything will be step-by-step and it’ll show you if this is already done These are things that I had us doing previously in this tutorial, so they are already checked off. Let’s just see what else we can do here, connect your site to a domain, this is because I didn’t purchase the domain that we were looking for. If you’ve been going through this tutorial and you found one that fit for you, this should be a check mark. Connect to Google search console that’s going to be huge. We will do that in a second. But let’s just see what else we have here in the other lists. Contact Info on the Homepage I rarely ever put this on here, so don’t worry about that. Social links on the Homepage, again it’s very rare that I add this to my niche affiliate marketing sites.Just because I don’t think it’s something that’s necessary. We want our traffic to be coming from Google search results not necessarily from social media platforms. Now that doesn’t mean that you can’t use social media platforms. It’s just definitely not a requirement. So as we keep scrolling through we just want to make sure we have everything checked off. Everything’s looking good. And then this at the bottom is just more suggestions. So let’s come all the way back up to the first one and this is going to be the biggest part right here and that’s Connect to Google it’s the same thing as down here, but make sure that you click connect to Google This is going to index your site on Google.Previously you would have to go to Google Search Console and do all of this manually but this is another thing that I love about Wix is all you have to do is click this button and it’ll do all the work for you. Now if I click this right now, I don’t have a domain connected, so it’ll tell me you need to do all the checkmarks in the first one. So as we can see here, I don’t have a checkmark here because I don’t have that domain connected. But once you have a check mark here and then you connect it to Google, you will have check marks across the board and that is all of the SEO you need to do for your website. So that is the Wix SEO Wiz, that will be everything you need as far as doing SEO to show up in Google and just make sure that you have your domain connected and then you hit Connect to Google and then you will be complete with this.You’ll have a seven out of seven. So you’re good to go on this. You can close out of Wix SEO Wiz and come back here. So now that we’re back in the editor, there are only two more things that we need to do. The last thing is going to be Google Adsense, but we cannot do that until we have content on our website. So we’re going to leave the Google Adsense until we start writing articles on our website and then we can apply for Google Adsense and then Google will review our site see that we have good content on it and approve it to be showing ads. But the last thing for us in this entire tutorial, basically the site is ready to go, we just need to start writing the articles.So just the last things I want to show you to tie all of this up is when you’re writing your articles into these categories, you’ve seen the other tutorials on my channel on what to be writing for these articles that is for a whole nother video. That’s not something I want to get into in this one. But just a couple things that you should know is, if we go over to our blog page here and we click on it and we hit Manage Posts, you want to make sure that you have your Author Name set as you or the website name that you’re writing as. So you just put your own name here if you put yourself in the About Us page throughout your site.If you’re writing as kind of a ghostwriter or as your website name, then you can put in your website name here as the author and then click off and that will be saved and then the only other thing we need to do here is click on the three dots and then go to Blog Settings and make sure that we are enabling Schema. This is going to help Google to read what’s on our site and show kind of the order of what is on our website. So they know how to rank it better. This is a really important step and often overlooked because it is so deep in these Settings So the first thing we need to do here is upload your logo. So again, if you don’t have a logo you can just come back to your website and you can take a screenshot of this. So if you’re on a Mac, it’s really simple. It’s just shift command 3 and you can outline this right here. And that will save as a PNG just like this right onto your computer, so all we’ve got to do is go to Manage Posts, click on the three dots, Blog Settings and then Upload Logo.And we can select that screenshot that I just took, we’ll add that to the page. And that is a quick way to put a logo in here. Now just something to know is if you don’t have a logo or if you’re not able to screenshot and you don’t want to do it the way that I just did it, then you can upload just a more generic image of ebikes. Maybe the Homepage banner that we were using as the background. You can upload that here in place of your logo and it’ll get the job done just as well. But once you click done on that now you can enable it right here. Perfect. Just make sure that you click Save and now you are good to go. So we can close out of this. I’m just going to make sure that’s saved and publish my site So everything I have done thus far is out on the current website.So guys your website is officially set up. The only thing that you might have to do down the road, if you do want to add it is the Adsense But you can’t do that until you have articles written on your site. But all you will do for this and if you need another tutorial on this, just let me know But all you’ve got to do is click Settings and then I don’t have a domain connected so I can’t go through this with you right now.And I know this is turning into quite a long tutorial, but all you’ve got to do is follow the prompts to create an Adsense account and then you put ads on each one of these pages. If you have questions with that, just let me know and you’re really going to make money with Adsense, once you’re starting to get into hundreds or thousands of page views per day. So in the beginning just worry about writing great content. You don’t even have to touch this, you can leave it as is and when someone’s seeing this site in real time they’re not going to see this box, this box disappears, so there will be nothing there. So it’s just going to be a white space, that is completely fine.So down the road, once you have articles written and you start getting traffic on your site, then you can connect your Adsense and start making some extra money there. But the big thing is now that you’ve made your entire site You know how to make this template. The only thing you need to know going forward is how to add articles to your site. So once you log into Wix and you go to the My Sites and you find this template you go to Edit Site, it brings you into this Editor then you just go to your Homepage. Just like this you click on this feed right here, the custom feed and you go to Manage Posts and all you’ve got to do is click Create a New Post. Easy as that, you just type in your title, start writing your post and then once you’ve finished writing your post you just hit Post Settings, Categories, choose which category it’s going to go into, just like that, and then click Save. So to give you an example this will be article 1 and we can write test body paragraph and I’m going to add an image.It’s always going to be best practice to add an image right at the top and we do the same thing, we go to Unsplash and Pixabay for images. The only thing that will change is we’re using a smaller size for the in post images So I would switch this down to 1280 by 960 for an in post image and then don’t forget to put that image through Compressor to make it smaller and then upload it to your website. If you were downloading an image from unsplash or if you have complete freedom to choose exactly what size the images then the ideal recommendation is 960 pixels by whatever the height is, so it’ll be something like 960 pixels by 600 pixels.It’ll make the size a little bit smaller and load a little bit faster on our site. For this example sake I’m just going to upload one of the images that we have on our site already. Maybe upload this one for our in post image. And then you should have one line up top that you can’t delete and then you have your image right here and then you have your body starting down here.I’m just going to make sure that we have one line in between and then it starts writing our whole post. One really good thing to know is for all of your images that you’re adding to articles, Google can’t see but they can read. So what we do is click on the image once and then copy your title I’m just going to right click and copy that and then hit the little Settings icon and then the alt text, paste it, now that tells Google this image is about this title. So although Google can’t see it, now they can read what it is. So this is set, once we click off of that the caption goes awake because we didn’t add one. And now all we have to do is click Publish and that article is now published on our website. So just to make this a little bit better of an example I’m just going to add in a bit more text so we can see what this would look like, and that’s a bit more text.So it should give us a better example here, Publish Changes and then when we go back to our Homepage, we will have our first article right here and if we go into Preview it’s pretty cool when you hover over it, it highlights the title. So someone can click it. And if you remember correctly, we put this into our Top Lists category. So these are our recent posts it shows everything but in Top Lists. Our article is right there because we selected that category. So when we go back to Home since we linked our logo, we can click right there. Just remember every day your daily operations of coming in here are going to be coming into the Editor, clicking on the Feed on the Homepage, Manage posts and then Create a New Post and remember you want to have at least 30 posts on every website and then you can stop and move on to the next website.Google will consider that a full site and that is how you create your niche affiliate marketing website with this Wix template. So guys that is it if you stuck around this far in the video, that means you’ve got the template. I hope you are enjoying it. If you have any questions about anything, feel free to reach out to me and I truly hope and honestly think that this video is going to change so much for you guys getting started in affiliate marketing. As always thank you guys so much for all the support that you show me and I’m always here to answer questions if you have them.Alright guys, I hope this video has been helpful. I hope this template helps you and I will be seeing you all in the next video.

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