WIX AFFILIATE MARKETING: Wix Affiliate Program Review

Hey everyone, I’m Marina from Yes to Tech, and welcome back to my direct. Wondering how to earn money from Wix? In this Wix affiliate program review, I’llbe sharing how you can become a Wix affiliate by joining the Wix partner program so thatyou can make money online. By the end of this video, you’ll know exactlyhow to become a Wix partner and how to do affiliate sell with a Wix website sothat you can make money with Wix. If you’re stimulated about this video, make sureyou like this video, smacked the agree button and the bell to be notified each time I posta brand-new video, and with that said let’s hop right in.To make money with Wix by becoming a Wix affiliate, ability over to wix.com/ about/ affiliates, and click on’ start making now’ to sign up fora Wix affiliate account. Fill out your general items, including firstname, last name, company identified, email, address, accommodation/ suite number, municipal, country, position/ province, zip code/ postal code and phone number, as well as your site info, including place word, URL, affiliate epithet, adopt whether you previously were a Wix affiliateor not, agree with the terms and conditions, as well as to receive emails from the WixAffiliate Program, and then click on’ submit’.As a Wix affiliate, you’ll earn $100 for everyconversion, be able to drive unlimited referrals and get paid for every Wix premium sale yourefer, gain access to high-performing and regularly freshened imaginative resources, andgain access to an intuitive dashboard to propel and manage your Wix affiliate sell campaigns. Once you’ve been accepted into Wix’s partnerprogram, you’ll get the login details for said intuitive dashboard.On the left, you’ll be able to see your Wixaffiliate campaign summary, which indicates the number of sounds, phenomena, and revenueyou generated from the affiliate connects you shared. On the liberty, you’ll be able to see your Wixaffiliate performance, that indicates how much fund you’ve earned from the Wix partnerprogram. To examine the artistic resources available toyou so that you can utter the most out of your affiliate advertisings, click on’ offerings’ fromthe left-hand side panel. You can use the filters up top to help yousort through all of the accessible imaginative assets, or move through them all downbelow. My favorite one is the’ english – deep links’affiliate tie-in, and to use that in your Wix affiliate marketing promotions, all you haveto do is click on it, click on’ creatives’ up top, search for the sheet of your choice, and then click on’ come link ‘. Copy the link that appears.Now when someone clicks on this attach, andpurchases a Wix premium plan, you’ll earn $100. If you take a look at the description boxof all of my YouTube videos, I always include a shortened bit.ly connection that redirects tothis Wix affiliate planned link to make money with Wix as a Wix affiliate on autopilot. Once you’ve made at least $300 per month, or, in other words, successfully proselytized at least three parties to one of Wix’s premiumplans, you’ll be able to receive a Wix affiliate planned payout. If you don’t reaching $300, your conversionswill remain in your Wix affiliate detail until you meet the $300 threshold. Once your report reaches this balance, youwill receive an email around the 15 th business day of the month with details on how to getpaid. You’ll have to add your fee details tothe Wix suppliers’ portal in order to get paid from the Wix partner program, and onceyour remittance has been approved, you’ll receive a direct deposit with your Wix affiliate marketingcommission. If you’re serious about utilize Wix for affiliatemarketing, make sure you check out our FREE spreadsheet with the Best Affiliate ProgramsFor Bloggers so that you can make money online.Make sure you commentary below and let me knowif you’ll be joining the Wix affiliate curriculum. If you liked this video, make sure you giveit a thumbs up and expressed support for my direct down below for brand-new videos every Tuesday andThursday at 9:45 am EST, and remain carolled for our next video which is about how to add ahover box in Wix. As you wait for my next video to go live, check out these two videos I have right here, and I’ll see you in my next video ..

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