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and it’s the moment of truth have i become a youtube millionaire in one month only let’s find out together the truth is even more interesting[ Music] welcome once again to my canal today i’m going to be telling you how my monetization is going after merely 1 month of being approved on youtube now i made a video about a month ago on how i actually got approved and all the steps i took if you haven’t seen that one i’m connecting it on top simply click on that one i would highly recommend you see that first so this one makes a little bit more sense and if you’ve already seen that one let’s get into the details now the question that everyone preserves asking is how much money did i actually perform in one month and i’m gonna tell you right away but before i do here’s a few questions for you how much do you think i made a hundred thousand ten thousand million well the truth is nowhere near to that and whoever thinks that they’re gonna become rich by making a few youtube videos after exclusively a month i have news for you you have been severely misguided here’s the real truth so let’s jump into the analytics and find out a little bit more information now here we go the moment of truth right here do you be understood that 51 euros and 65 pennies in the us it’ll be about 60 plus or minus now that’s not a good deal of fund of course i symbolize 60 51 euros is not a lot of fund you can’t really live on that however there’s a lot more information that you need to know and stick around because this will be interesting so i want to know a little bit more about where this income came from so if i click on revenue now obviously you experience august september november i did nothing because i only got monetized in december now i’ve only been monetized for one month and in december i started to be paid so 55 euros in december about 58 and starting in january virtually 8 euros so about 10 now which videos are actually me now over here i can see that the highest earning is my unboxing alienware aurora r1 1 which has 72 000 ends it’s my oldest video that i’ve started do youtube videos on and it’s also the one that’s got the most hittings if i look at the second one it’s the cyberpunk activity toy on my alienware r11 what does this tell me this tells me that people are interested in my alienware if “i m looking at” the next one it’s the maltese falcon and then the recent one that i released about the pioneer cdj 3000 and so on so forth now there is here youtube is smashing it down into how clearing my money and it’s telling me my estimated ad revenue is 49 euros 56 pennies but likewise my youtube fee income is two euros what’s that people that pay for premium memberships don’t see ads so therefore how do inventors make money plainly creators too make money from payment customers so if you’re a fee used and you’re watching my videos you’re actually indirectly compensating a very very little fee to me or the creators and and that’s that’s really good because this way the users that don’t want to see the ads don’t but at the same time the creators still get paid now i want to go into a little bit more detail merely to show you a few cases things if you want to skip this part go to the next chapter but for some of you this will be interesting if i open up the details of of what’s going on here i see that all my videos are listed right here and “i m seeing” the ones that are paying most i see my guessed receipt my total guessed receipt which is broken down into my ad revenue and my premium receipt so those two together will give me my estimated total revenue so if we look at my top video which is the unboxing of the alienware r11 the total it has been paid is 41 euros which is 39.42 from ad revenue and an extra 172 from payment representatives now there is a little bit more information that’s important there for me and this is estimated monetized playbacks this intends how many times did people watch it and ads came up and here it says 6006 periods so that’s the amount of people that have either bounced an ad or realized an ad or sounded on it doesn’t matter what it is you still get paid even if you skip the ad the creators still get paid so don’t worry about bouncing the ad i know a lot of beings have asked me do you still get paid if we skip the ad utterly the fact that this ad established up for five seconds the creators still get paid now if you watch the ad beyond and you click on it there’s also more revenue for the creators but it’s not that important because not a great deal of people are expecting you to click that ad if you hop-skip it it’s fine and that’s how many six thousand and six beings have actually examined the video and an ad popped up now there’s another piece now which is important it’s cpm which is cost per banquet expenditure per dinner in french conveys thousand means how much do the advertisers offer youtube for 1 000 looks so they pay 10 euros and 95 pennies each time their ad is played 1000 days does that mean that i get 10 the 10 euro 95 no it doesn’t this is how much youtube does now there’s something else that was explained that much the creators get and that’s the rpm not to be confused on the rpm of your automobile nothing to do with your rpm on your car i am only loaded it from here so here’s the rpm which stands for revenue per banquet revenue per thousand deems so let’s look at this video for example this video is paying me 5 euro 78 this is how much youtube is paying me but youtube is getting paid 12 euros for it so they get 12 euros and from that 12 euros 25 i get 5.78 okay it’s usually between 50 and 60 is the rpm always the same no it modifies for many rationales let me just show you here my other videos have different rpms so i’ve got rpms that are only one euro and i’ve got some rpms which are all the way to 11 euro 50. Now there’s a lot of reasons why your rpm the modifications and this rpm is not really a big one hitherto and the more subscribers and the more observers you get and the most interesting videos and depending on what type of videos you are actually creating your rpm changes fully for example if you’re doing a video about finance or a video about grace products the rpm is completely different it’s about five or six or even ten times more than this so it runs for what market you’re actually pushing your videos to and now i’ve got a video right here which i uploaded not long ago it’s called best party christmas sunrises i’ve actually uploaded it three days ago it’s got a highly very low rpm and the above reasons for that is because youtube doesn’t know anything about that video more it’s too soon not enough people have clicked on it it needs one one 2 weeks for youtube to start calculating uh okay this specific video targets these sorts of consumers it targets this kind of niche and we’re gonna utter it this much rpm so the this was what happens for brand-new videos now you might be wondering 56 euros total is this even importance talking about and the responses to that question is perfectly why this is why now i’m not going to get into too much details of the analytics but i have to tell you i love the analytics there’s so much information now about where let’s say the geography of where people are looking at your videos from and certainly right here look at that united states is 35 of all my congestion and then it’s canada then it’s uk indians and cyprus is only four percent so you know although i live in cyprus and you know i’m expecting all my separate friends to be my uh the people that follow me but actually it doesn’t really have to be your friends and your family is important to support you but when you’re branch out into youtube that becomes such a little tiny fraction of your consumers uh that you shouldn’t really is just too inconvenienced if your mother or your friend liked and watched your videos or if your best friend or your cousins did if they did it’s amazing but if they didn’t it doesn’t really make a huge difference to your overall viewerships now over here if i look at the us that’s where most of my videos are being looked at and is not simply that i also encounter what are the watch hours and i also experience the average duration how long make they sit and watch my videos for so also it seems that the us seem to be enjoying my videos a little bit longer than other countries now there’s so much more information let’s say viewer senility here it tells me what’s the age of my viewership it also tells me gender and here i’ve got a huge problem i’ve got nine ninety percent male and merely nine percent females now i don’t know why that is i really thought that females might be interested in my videos clearly it’s the males that are i’m gonna have to think about something that the women want to watch but yeah it’s a little bit funny that most of my viewers at the moment are male now also there’s consignments of other things i don’t want to sit and talk about those we’re not talking about analytics today today i just wanted to show you roughly how i’m doing after one month now if you’re asking yourself i want to be a youtuber how do i do it uh is it gonna spawn me rich well i’m talking to you here with all honest i’m showing you my full report no secrets why because i’ve seen so many videos that are really telling you things that are not true i’ve seen videos that will tell you you’ll make a thousand two thousand ten thousand within the first three months i’m here to tell you it’s not absolutely true so there’s a few other questions now and those are the questions that i’ve been looking at all this month is how to grow my rpm how to grow my cpm and so on and so forth and the answer is very detailed i would love to talk to you about it if you’re interested write me in the comments below that you’re interested to know what’s rpm and cpm and how you can work on them and i’ll do a video time on that but right now for this video i want to focus on something else the big picture now you might be sitting down there and thinking what the hell is this guy on about he got 60 dollars or 55 euros and he’s making a video about it and he’s happy about it well let me explain to you what really is happening so you experience the big picture so for those of you that are joining the youtube video revolution you should know the truth and you should also be realistic in your goals yes we all want to be millionaires we all want to be rich but it’s not going to happen on your first month you’re going to have to work on it like any other job you go for you have to work on it you have to train you have to stir mistakes you have to become better at it and eventually with hour you will get paid good fund so let’s look at my path for instance i only have 1 000 and 100 readers that’s all is that a lot for youtube it’s not it’s like i just came out of the egg and the subscribers doesn’t really tell you the whole story if you click on the analytics there’s something now that tells you your direct get 11 and 249 positions in the last 28 daytimes this is important this is telling me that there’s about 11 000 beings that have goal my videos now that’s not a great deal for youtube so my aim here is to increase both my customers and the amount of viewership so let’s do a little bit of maths i got 60 for 1 000 subscribers and eleven thousand viewers what if i double that what if i start having two thousand readers and twenty thousand positions per month or thirty what’s going to happen to that sixty dollars that sixty dollars is gonna double what happens when i have 10 000 customers and 100 000 beliefs or the next step what if i have 100 000 subscribers and over a million views if you start doing the maths you’ll start seeing that youtube will actually pay you quite a bit of fund and if you look at authors with bigger extents of readers so in the hundred thousand these people are making anything between five thousand dollars to ten thousand dollars from youtube alone now that’s a lot of money if you think about it but you do not get to 100 000 customers by uploading a few cases videos now if you look at my videos i’ve done a total of 10 videos of which realistically the most powerful one is only one which is the unboxing of the alienware and i’ve had 72 000 opinions on that and that’s pretty good but i only have one strong video at the moment what i need to do is get 10 strong videos and those 10 strong videos realize them 50 and those 50 move them 100 and that’s where the real money will start coming and once i have just been more videos i will too have more observers and i will also have more subs therefore what happens my rpm remember rpm revenue per thousand that goes up and when that goes up and everything else goes up you will start understand serious money nonetheless this is a full-time job because each time i do a video it will take me a whole era i have to script it i have to shoot it i have to edit it i have to doubled proof it sometimes add some audio to it include some announce results make it upload it work on all the youtube designation and thumbnails and this actually takes a bit of hour if you want to do it professionally you can do it and i’ll tell you what it’s a lot of recreation i’m really experiencing this and during lockdown what else are you going to do i mean there’s so many things you just wanted to do but you can’t really do them then why not it’s something that anyone can do you merely need to get into it and you’ll learn gradually slowly you will learn like i have been learning this is really new to me but i do know a little bit about this and that and the other and that’s helping me originate better videos immediately[ Music] and who knows you might do an extraordinary video and millions of parties watch it i represent do you recollect the video with gangnam wording i make when we first recognize it we’re like what the hell is that and gangnam wording video has been identified four billion times do you have any idea how much fund this guy got from youtube ads exclusively i make it’s crazy but you don’t know what’s the next video that’s gonna come out there and blow up we don’t know but if you don’t get it on you are able to never find out now there are some youtube millionaires out there i mean if you look at someone like mr animal who’s amazing i love to watch his videos but he’s so over the top i mean he does videos where he establishes hundreds and thousands of dollars to people on his testify and they do these crazy things like there was one where if you keep your hand on a slew of a million dollars the last person to get his hand off the pile of million dollars will win that pile of million dollars or he applied four beings in a gondola and the last one to sit in the car will actually get the car i necessitate is is amazing things over the top and so many beings watch his videos and of course the more parties watch his videos the more coin he’s making and this guy whenever he releases a video within one hour there’s something like 10 million views i necessitate just imagine that 10 million views within the first hour and something like that is a success story and i love success floors like that so the question is are we all gonna do something like mr beast well hope you can but let’s also abide footed because if we’re not going to do something that over the top or if it’s not our courage to do something like that can we still make it sure you can focus on your anger and focus on your interest so i’ve got a friend that cooks vegan and she started her videos now on youtube and she’s cooking vegan it’s her excitement and great for her i’ve got uh my brother that gazes kite surfing let’s say and and and “ive spoken to” him i told him search “youve got to” do some videos about your kitesurfing and he’s going to start doing that and i have another friend who loves to present pronunciations or some people that have liked to do sports um really difficult sports and and crazy things like that whatever your passion is whatever it is that is exactly the kind of youtube video that you need to be working on and everybody has a passion we’re all intense about something so why don’t you make a video about it why don’t you upload it and make the whole world see it and not only see it but cause them compensate you for considering it now of course you need to know a few things on on youtube and how to make it and to be honest i didn’t know anything i didn’t go to a school of youtube or anything all i did was watch youtube videos on how to represent youtube videos simple as that and i’ve had a few really gone teachers let’s say or i’ve been watching sean cannell who is part of think media and they educate beings how to start on youtube i’ve also been inspired by catherine manning and i follow her in every single video that she does because she tells me accurately the things i “ve got to hear” and there’s so many other parties out there telling you exactly how you should be doing it so you don’t even need to know anything all you need to do is watch videos that’s it “youre watching” videos how to do this how to do that how to get better lighting how to get better audio how to get this how do i get better content and what are the things that people are looking for there’s even videos that register you what parties are really looking for right now and how to procreate your fervour an actual world so the tools are right here it is a computer that’s all you need a computer and a phone you can start literally with your phone you don’t need anything else now if you want to grow you can improve your paraphernalium you can start thinking about microphones you can start thinking of light-green screens you can start thinking of cameras you can start thinking of igniting you can start read how to edit in premiere pro or if you’re a mac user and final slice or whatever other software free software as well and you start applying these things and after video after video you’ll exactly learn how to do it gradually gradually and that’s what it gives it’ll take a little bit of time so for me i’ve gotten to a rank where i’m cozy in induce videos in general i have the setup that i’m looking for there’s a few tweaks here there are still like i’m going to be doing a video on how i’m going to tone proof my room because i can still hear a little bit of acoustical frequencies which i don’t like when i hear the video and that’s purely my room my my chamber is very vibrant and i need to dampen the reverberates in here i’m going to make a video about that and how i’m going to make acoustical committees myself and i’m gonna stay them up on the roof and on the back wall and on the two sides walls to improve my bang excellence let’s see and why not make a video about that everybody else has done a video about it so i’m doing a video about that and i’m hoping that it’ll help some people out there peculiarly the ones that are starting right now so what i’ve learned is how to get more sees onto your path quite simple clear videos that are entertaining that are interesting sometimes educational as well and then hopefully lady algorithm will start to favor you so that when you start typing out hunting oaths like how to cook a vegan bowl your video will actually start rank and will be on the first page and that’s what we all just wanted to do we all want to get to that first page when you type something you is intended to be the one that sounds up the first but you’re not going to rank high-pitched straight away without putting in the act as soon as you leant the occupation the compensations will start coming in here’s another very important piece of information you should know is youtube the only way i’m making money online and the answer is no in fact there’s three more rooms i’m making money online and youtube is not even number one i’m likewise doing something else which is affiliate marketing and sponsorships now you might be asking what’s affiliate selling well i’ll explain it very quickly and if you want me to make a video on exactly affiliate commerce i’ll be happy to however let me tell you a little bit about it when you examine one of my videos and i say to you by the way if you like this product there’s a link below or you can click on it and you can go to a website and buy it well most of the time that will be an affiliate link which signifies let’s say my iphone 12 all right which i bought i’ll tell you if you want to buy this iphone 12 go down into the link click on it and most likely it’ll take you to an amazon attach because right now i’m affiliated with amazon and when you click on that and it opens in amazon automatically amazon knows that person came from me because the link has a tag of my name in it and then anything that person buys on amazon i get a small percentage it’s a very small percentage two 3 percent sometimes a little more but it’s somewhere there and i automatically get a small tiny percentage from that merely by referring that person to their website it could be amazon ebay best buy etsy wherever you’re take your clients to most of the times you can have an affiliate link with them and i’ve actually already under way shaping some fund on affiliate market as well and of course there’s sponsorships which i haven’t done yet but i’m going to start do as well is when your video is sponsored by a specific product and you will probably have to speak about that concoction within your video and the sponsorship on those is also pretty high-pitched so there’s a number of ways that you can make money online and youtube is only one of them but youtube is essential to the observers to see what you are talking about and i talk about produces that i use and i only do videos of makes that well use and i have and i always tell the truth about them i never sell a pipe dream or a lie because then you’ll only lose all your viewers and they won’t believe in you and you simply won’t survive on online simple as that so when the sees have a little bit of trust in me and i send them to a website to buy from there i’m creating traffic to that website and i’m too getting a little bit of commission from anything they buy from that website so if you’re also interested i’m gonna show you the affiliate market that i have with amazon if you’re not interested in this just ricochet to the next chapter those of you who are watching it you’re gonna like this so let me articulate myself down in the angle not this corner this corner yes so i’m not on your style and go to my this is the us website so over here it tells me that through my joins that i’ve articulate below my videos 436 people have sounded that tie-up of which seven members of them have actually bought pieces six of these parts have already been shipped of which the revenue i made amazon is two thousand seven hundred and seventy five dollars from my links how much money do i perform from that sixty eight dollars from the sounded associations and actually it shows you exactly what they bought these are the things they bought look at this new alienware r1 1 someone construed my video of the unboxing liked it so much then they clicked opened it in amazon and bought that computer now that is such a big honor for me because this computer is not cheap it’s two thousand ninety five it’s nearly two thousand one hundred dollars and they bought it because they heard me talk about it and they heard me and they relied me and i think that is amazing that someone that doesn’t know me probably in the u.s saw this and if you’re watching this whoever you are thank you and somebody else likewise bought the screen and somebody else bought three parties bought the mouse and three parties bought the headset and now this one now was a complete surprise for me i sounded it and i saw what’s this back brace posture corrector i don’t even know exists so what this is somebody that went on to amazon through my tie-in probably didn’t buy anything that i related and time continued browsing and saw this and said oh i think i need one of those and he bought it and well originated board on it so anything anyone buys for a whole day formerly they’ve clicked on my tie amazon automatically gives me that commission which is very small two to 3 percent now another funny thing is i want to show you my uk website my uk amazon accompanieds website yes you can be linked to all the amazons around the world and if you want to know how to do that i can tell you only gave me in the comment and i can do another video for that but wherever you live the link that i have below will make you to the amazon closest to your country so if you live in the uk and you sounded that join it’ll take you to amazon uk now this is amazing because everything in here is nothing to do with me i convey beings have bought let me show you what they’ve bought they’ve bought how to draw manga this is amazing matcha lettuce tea handmade valentine daylights placards this is okay elgato capture poster this is something i have um joined one swipe was this one punch garu flowering irrigating potty whoever you are and bought this i love you i intend “ive never” even i never knew they existed this is the best star campaigns mandalorian the child babe i entail 28 pounds whoever bought this guys you’re stunning you sounded on one of my videos i don’t know which one and you ended up buying this trash which i never even knew existed and well obligated seven pounds commissioning from all these little purchases so what does that tell you that tells you that even though you are representing videos and you’re arrange ties down there parties might not just wanted to precisely buy what you’re what you’re pointing down there and they might end up going into let’s say amazon and clicking somewhere else and buying something else and you get a commission on it so this is very important remember how much i reached on youtube only 60 dollars how much did i draw on amazon 68 so actually i constructed more fund from amazon accompanies than i did on youtube what does that tell you that tells you that you can actually be affiliated to anything you want whatever your passion is there is a company out there that’s ready to be affiliated with you and they’ll compensate “youre going to” drive traffic to their site and that ladies and gentlemen is why i am making this video not because of the 60 that i offset but it’s because i want you guys to see exactly what’s happening so that you can consider it and really think about it if you really want to do this[ Music] this is important to some of you you can start being associated to amazon without even being monetized on youtube a lot of parties considered that for you to be making money with affiliates like amazon ebay or whatever you need to be monetized on youtube you don’t you can have one viewer on youtube you can still sign up to amazon accompanieds plainly you’re not going to get a lot of clicks there but you can start straight away and i advise you even if you’re not monetized go ahead and affiliate with a company that you can work with that has the products that you want to push out there and let people buy it and with around the world being on lockdown everybody’s buying online which intends the whole world is your client so if this is your first time on my canal and we just met i’m eddie and i do videos on tech gadgets and new technology if you got any value from this video i’d certainly applauded the fact if you would subscribe and affected that buzzer button so that next time i make a video you’ll do advised for it and if you actually did like this video a thumbs up would be great so smash that like button baby so that’s it for me in this video thank you for watching all the way to the end well appreciate it wherever you are in the world be safe been wonderful and ciao for now

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