Zero To $10K With Affiliate Marketing (EXACT Blueprint For You To Download)

this is probably going to be one of the most valuable affiliate marketing videos that you will find on YouTube right now jay is back with another frightening evaluate carry video for you guys and in this video I’m actually super agitated to share with you guys the exact blueprint that I’ve been using over the last year or two to generate my first ten thousand dollars online with affiliate market I’m gonna give you I’ve even got the document right here which I’ll give to you later this video available for download I’m basically going to take you through each and every step each and every checklist that you need to literally replaced at this but the problem is most people will watch this video or they will skip throughout the video actually missing out very key points and then they don’t even know how to take action and then they deplore down below that no this doesn’t work but you know you can’t expect to succeed online if you can’t even watch a full on 20 time teach like this now I’m not attacking you I’m just encouraging you this is the kind of content and the various kinds of videos you should be watching online if you really want to build a sustainable business online and for those of you who don’t know who I am we’re going to hop onto my dashboard now of the affiliate implement that I’ve been using because you know you get those people in specific comments or if you don’t show proof this doesn’t work so I’m just gonna log in to my dashboard to show you guys the kind of revenue I’ve been hear from the exact affiliate tool that I’ve been promoting so you’ll see right here I’ve been promoting this now probably for just over a year and this is the kind of revenue I am ensure so this right here is currently my earnings forecast for the next 30 daytimes fully passive literally while sleeping while I gobbles while I poop and drink water this is the income that’s gonna be coming into my account because of the efforts I throw in months and years back because this is a membership located produce so it pays passive income and you’ll see if I came to see you precisely to quickly actually refresh to show you that this is not a screenshot I’ll just wait for this to load and there you can see this is my live dashboard and you can see my total earnings so far with this tool is 11 just over $11,000 currently eight thousand six hundred and ninety nine paid ads and I’ve got some more over here available in my notes and some more in pending discus here so this just to show you the kind of revenue that “youre seeing” employing this exact idea that I’ve been using and I’m going to give to you now for free on YouTube but before we just dive straight-from-the-shoulder into this there’s a couple of steps and checklist that we need to go through in order for this to really be successful so just for those of you who are new to affiliate sell affiliate sell basically consists of promoting a produce usually a digital commodity with your distinct affiliate tie-up that you get with that commodity and you will get a commission for each sale that you meet through your relate which is a very powerful notion in today’s world you literally have access to over 10,000 different affiliate makes on the internet probably hundreds of thousands that you are eligible to literally promote as your own concoctions or your mobile manoeuvre so the first step that we need to do and this is to focus on one main concoction because what happens is most people spam and promote so many things at once that rebut each other and they don’t places great importance on one primary product that will do it like one commodity at a time over the week and then they will fail and then they will complain because they are doing it wrong it’s not that a perfectly sell doesn’t work it’s just because they’re doing it wrong so this is just a checklist I’ve written down here for you guys that we need to go through to really boom our income method up to the top and if you guys want to download this nor to $10,000 affiliate marketing strategy this blueprint of travel documents we picture which is exactly word for word exactly what I did over the past year to earn $ 10,000 online and now five thousand dollars a month wholly passively so what I want you to do is subscribe down below with the fore on leave a like on this video and note down below that you’ve done so perhaps with your favorite excerpts and then what I’ll do is I’ll reply to that comments with the exact download link to this document which you can then put on your wall which you can print which you can then memorize and check every day have a look at every day exactly to remind yourself of what exactly you need to do today and how you’re gonna become successful at this so the first one is we need to find a produce that you happy to promote with for the next one year to two years to three years to four years plus on a consistent basis and I’ve got to make sure this is a digital product because the target audience is not going to then be limited to any country as anybody can purchase a digital concoction any method in the world physical concoction he is therefore necessary to carried it’s a digital produce and in the most crucial part this is the one that’s gonna boost a revenue so much is in membership we’ve got to choose a membership located commodity that pays a monthly income passively for lifetime because let’s say our first month we get five buyers the next month we have another five clients that implies in total we really have ten consumers now paying us over every single month passively next month “couldve been” fifteen to find another five consumers it’s a total of 15 patrons compensating us so that is why a membership located product is very powerful with a fillip commerce so we also want to choose a product that is high quality and that solves difficulties because of what a lot of people do is they choose these random implements online then go and spam the affiliate attaches every everywhere they may get one or two sales but then the clients that they sign up cancel after a month because there’s no support.this no there’s just no trust the product is obviously a poor quality so they’re cancelling and your Commission’s are gonna be way down now so I’m gonna solve these problems for you in this video and then the final checklist whatever it is you want to choose something and then the final thing on the checklist is we want to choose something with a free trial I want to do this is because it’s a great way to cook in patients or leadings into a free ordeal sign up which could be like a free first ten days which can then turn into a cause so it’s a great way to sign parties up in the meantime because it’s completely for free people love free nonsense they will go for the free stuff it’s a great way to get people to sign up so I’m actually gonna give you to a website called kaptara com forward flog immediately which is basically at the database when you are eligible to literally find any software in any niche in the world countries so for example you can take accounting located commerce software so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna click on this you can literally copy any one of these programs like hose drive you can go into Google and you can type in tube drive affiliate planned probably 90% now you can see pipe drive Channel Partner Program so there we go you can go and sign up as an affiliate for hose drive which is an accounting marketing software and you can literally become a for that and what’s nice about it and also solves need to see a a good quality products I’m just use cafeteria because it’s a very good example to find examples of digital and software makes to promote and as an affiliate and also why I’m using software’s because if you think about it software is probably one of the biggest and fastest growing industries in the world right now because literally the economy backbone is based on software think of any retail store pointofsale organizations those marketings wouldn’t be happening without application think of big businesses Windows PCs it’s all foundation on software so activities and exercises and processes would not be completed in the business place of the business workplace without the use of software so there’s always going to be a market for this that is why I support software lots but what most people would go and do is they will then now take therefore the link and they will go and post the link spam all other YouTube statements Facebook groups everywhere where they can to try and get sales but I’m is about to be real with you guys and you need to listen to me carefully you’ve got to stop that and stop what you’re doing with spamming your for the links everywhere because quite frankly you’re wasting your time so I suggest pay attention to what I’m gonna teach you in this video because it literally can be lifechanging like it was lifechanging for me which then guides me to step two and that is we’re going to create a bridge funnel preferably video based you’ll see right here I’ve created this bring page announced pellet rollers one dollar transaction all the tools you’ll ever need to pull your online business up all the rule is the tool that I’ve been promoting which is basically a membership based produces where you can build websites you can build funnels you can do automatic email marketing with a entire knot of automated Instagram Facebook responders it’s basically an entire business Boulder in a container for online financiers that want to get started and I’ve been promoting this as an affiliate but what’s important is you like to see on my arrive page my free educate page I have a training video that will teach people how to promote both are all perfectly for free and get their first couple of marketings online but the largest part of us is I choose to reveal my face personally to the camera because a disembark sheet like this you want to gain as much as trust as possible with your heads or with your Angell affiliates that are going to join you with the specific tool because construct such relationships in a business building a organization of confidence by disclose your face imparting free aids free ethic free set literally teaching your leads and affiliates and being between every family to them it’s the best way to build a successful business online and then furthermore the most important thing that you need to keep in mind with a aqueduct page like this instead of time having a button that goes directly to the footer link what I do is and this is played a big factor in turning over causes into actual alterations and sales and also affiliates is I rally people’s names or emails and their given name so I can retarget them with a series of a string of forwards that I will give them send them free grooming it may be like a 90 percentage coupon to sign up different ways to encourage them to sign up and promote numerous different offers to secure them as a conduct and get a sale in my foliat business so you can see right here they cannot continue to the free schooling unless they enroll the email or first name all we’re doing is we’re not telling anybody that we’re selling anything we’re literally just accommodating free trained for free practice that is going to change your results forever I’m not trying to sell anybody anything in the specific training it’s here altogether free of charge which again bolts a big trust factor and play video games a big role in converting guides into changeovers and actually coming auctions and then what I’ll do is this button over here when they enter the email and first name you’ll see when you actually sign up on ball roll as an affiliate especially with the premium package you’re gonna get what you call on your forward a open to the VIP funnel club where Boulder all actually gives you certificates a entire assortment of various types of sales acre sheets that you can use to promote asthma foliot to certainly get a good lot of contributes into your perfectly business so you’ll see the one that I’ve been actually exploiting is this one over here I intend scroll up a bit are the$ 1 auctions sheet you’ll see if I replica my full association and I actually paste this into my browser you’ll see they mostly are giving border all to one of my extends for only$ 1 the premium package penalties 16 dollars a few months they committing it to$ 1 mostly virtually guaranteeing a lead into a sale because that is a ridiculous a crazy coupon and it’s just there for the first month to proselytize extends into marketings and then they give you a free grooming over here and then you can get terminated access to build rule for simply one dollar and then I will get a monthly Commission of the reoccurring amount that they offer every single month and I too is supportive on my Instagram where I encourage people to DM e if they have questions so I’m really close with my meat and with my leads-in all the time because you want to make sure that they stay on their monthly due so that you can essentially earn that passive revenues and you can see I is available to sign up on clod go for just one dollar for the first month and then thereafter it will be 69 19 which I will get a hundred percentage commissioning of my first month and then 30 percentage every single month date after but the important part is actually setting up these emails and this automatic emailing campaign which is actually pretty easy to do so you will see right here on your forceful settle dashboard we are really have an entire email marketing campaign for you so if you want to try this program out free of charge what I’ll do is I’ll leave a link down below to my affiliate join where you can join my crew if you like you can message me on Instagram I will give you free course everything that you need I’m literally gonna guide you step by step whether you want to dear me whether you want to join my private Facebook group below and you can join my for the team and hopefully I will be in this journey with you as you get your firstly sales going along with portal but you’ll see when I enroll my automatic emailing expedition our tool with portal just waiting for this to load a little bit slow you can see right you if I come over to my indices I have a list currently with 146 subscribers if I actually go into all of my emails now you can see all the email strings that I send to this list so literally what I do is when soul participates the email and first name I will target them with males every single day for the next two months promoting perimeter all and other affiliate concoctions related to baller rule to alter those that didn’t that perhaps clicked on my free schooling signup but doesn’t actually convert into a or to actually then convert them back into a sale later on so this is a great way to turn age-old contributes into marketings as well is through email marketing and you’ll see right here if I just go through one of my patterns I’m gonna take “youre going to” my first email and you’ll see right here when I open up the first email so you’ll see hey it’s Jay from the terminal in a mindset canal I pretty much really give a free training in this video like all my Instagram associates where people can reach out to me and if they need help my two directs and then a free decline servicing training courses and a free digital commerce course so this is the first email and you’ll see I’ve got a entirety cycle of emails that transmit every day thereafter for a roughly up to two months targeting them with bullet roster and other four lip produces so email commerce is a very powerful way to go about affiliate commerce and get a lot of marketings online and actually move your income from here to up now so if you actually want training on how to be established by this exact email expedition you’ll see when you participate my fuller unit with the link down below you’ll actually get free training if I open this up literally an accurate stepbystep training probably worthwhile over five hundred dollars altogether for free when you prance join my unit with ball go you will get exactly what email marketing is connecting a domain with like your own con domain setting up a new note creating a very professional email creating a subscriber list and email sequence and sending out those emails to all of your subscribers to proselytize them into sales so all the training is literally here for you you’ve just got to take action and the best thing to do with something like this is literally Google is your brand-new mom do extended quantities of research to educate yourself on the specific tool that you’re promoting so that you can go out and get as countless marketings as possible so now that we’ve got our entire affiliate plan and business set up we undoubtedly gotta get out there and promote it so I’m gonna give you probably six different ways that I’ve been doing this so the first one is is I’ve been using Facebook groups actually established my own Facebook group and I’m gonna show you what I did now in a bit to kind of grow this to nineteen thousand members in just 3 month and you’ll see as soon as I post the Facebook a announce on this group I just when I get back to the homepage of this group as what are sometimes do is I’ll only put on a announce of it like hey guys I’ve updated educate on the affiliate platform with Bogle could check it out let me know what you think and then undoubtedly answer the emails that get the free-spoken training and then I talked at them with forwards but to grow a Facebook group like this literally what you can do is you can start a Facebook group could design a simple banner like this on canva you can see on my Instagram in small-scale I’m announcing it as well like little podcast videos to grow a bit of an audience my instagrams more for personal appreciate like I merely love to speak on a camera and mic and only help people art such as topics like why is the school system outdated but you can grow an Instagram page have like a relate in a bio and I necessitate my connection probably gets well over 10,000 clinks a few months then I’ve got my Twitter page where I’m post every day and then I’ve got force of clock on where you can go and pay for shoutouts to do like story swipe apps to your platform pages on other prominent Instagram pages but the most efficient way to go about this it’s more cold selling and I want to give you what I call a 2020 guideline where a 20/80 regulate when you provide 20% appraise and 80% ethic sorry and 20% fullon marketing so you’ll see I’m also affixing on sick talk every single day on the mobile version I share a link in my bio you can’t see it on the desktop version and some videos this one I affixed last darknes nearly a thousand videos overnight I mean that could easily be various signups and how I’m getting all of this material and literally the game and I’m gonna give the game to you are completely for free if you can post on YouTube tiktok Instagram LinkedIn Facebook the same video you is taking like a 30 second clip of the prime video positioned on each stage in it over a year you will see your life change and how I’ve just been getting these content ideas it’s not hard work at all you can go to you to me you are eligible to literally become get all three courses in the world on a full it marketing train yourself learn Greek create your own versions of these courses post it on youtube affix it on call facebook instagram radicals snapping whatsapp status and what you can also do is you can come over to youtube and literally exit subscribe to 30 other channels in your niche with the missile repair have a look at their videos have a look at their viral videos mimic that yourself remake your own versions of it with your own words don’t copy wordforword because that’s just gonna ruin your firebrand upright it onto youtube and you can use a tool called video market blah then I will actually give you 80% of this tool I’ve got a link in the description I’m too an affiliate for this product ordinary expenditure is $97 I scroll down I will give it to you at $27 which you’ll get the $ 70 coupon if you use my fill it relate down below and literally what this tool does is it’s a three clinks and you graded number 1 on the number 1 one page of Google and YouTube for specific keywords so this is a great tool to grow your direct to get people to your nutrient link to sign up and then target those same people with affiliate emails your email expedition or string and then also you can use a tool announced thumbnail blaster which you can they give you it is a paid tool I think it costs about too 20 bucks once off and you can get all of these thumbnails and you can design them yourselves high converting thumbnails to get a lot of clicks on your videos a lot of sounds on your material that you can use on every single platform and that is the best way to grow a business online is focus on your content focus on your thumbnails names which you can influence from other people on YouTube ranking your videos with a tool like video market plaster and if you do this every single day you will see your life mutate and I predict you in a year you will probably find yourself labor from residence fulltime but like I said chaps you just have to take action and actually leant part of its efforts if “youve been” missed it and “youve been” wanted that success you are able to do it and you’d actually put in the effort but guys I hope you ascertained this video super valuable what I’ll do is on the screen I’ll leave a link to my three best playlists on YouTube on how I make money online on how I improve our online business and how I use from dwelling fulltime at 20 years old in South Africa and I’m literally elicited to share all of this content for you guys on my path absolutely free of charge and also I’ll leave a link to the stone ruler down below so you can get started with the strategy but select one of the playlists on the screen and I’ll see you there

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