Zero To $200 Per Day Profit On Clickbank (Your Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Blueprint – Proof)

it will probably be one of the be most valuable videos on YouTube right now involving Clickbank limb sell whether you are a fledgling or independent experts it’s an incredible free course video I’m going to have here on YouTube in this video I am go learn how to go zero to two hundred dollars a day earnings on Clickbank precisely blueprint in this video I lead to show you and I’m going to show you evidence of that before “were starting to” of you who are new to which branch marketing or what Clickbank is Clickbank is basically in a marketplace where you can promote produces with you unique join and that busines or commodity will honor you a commission every time you sell through your unique link it’s a very specific be track in a specific niche that I am going to use, but you do not have to pick the same niche in which I select you can of course apply this video policy if you are ready for a to promote Clickbank product or if you crave start with Clickbank and select a different products for which it drives niche, so I suggest coffee get some snacks and parcel this amazing value compressed video and likewise at the end of this video I start gives people paid Clickbank marketing secret video direction totally free it’s a whole course that mostly talks about click net sell how you are eligible to start and shape your first online marketings I paid for this course has the giveaway license and liberties for hence I may do it on at the end of this video make sure you get it so remain carolled and let’s come in this, what I’m actually going for do is I go through the whole of course, in the end I will give you the show proof of merit from this accurate programme so that it will make sense because if I depict you my marketings to those of you who are not really new to a Clickbank or Phillip Marketing is it will not really start that much sense, so I go through the course first I’ll prove you everything, so first step going to see Clickbank, what do I propose choosing a product on Clickbank the the first thing you do is go to the to come market here it will appear with homepage like this when I click on the market it will exclusively freshen after show you I’m on the homepage of the busines click on the smaller pursuit button and you want to filter by gravitation it means you are wrong now according to the most popular concoctions sell now on Clickbank and that’s a good thing, because this are produces that are considered viral at the moment numerous parties are buying these concoctions because they are favourite people want it to be in increasing demand this is how business toils they conceal you want to provide things high-end’ crazy, so that’s why it’s important by filtering by gravitation and I’ll actually present you the exact produce I am going to use is will show you how to access a to get quite a few aids like email hammers and all to really a construct sustainable business from this and$ 200 a period benefit, so I got the produce abuse is a personal keto diet, but before we do, I’m promoting it want to show you something super important it is important that we they actually has a totality division body similar to your own private body field where you can access about product report banners social media content guide magnets acre pages and videos that are my favorite, so I is going to open it in a new tab that you get client demographics for media buyers articles keywords email swipes it is exert spoon feeding so much better intelligence completely free “its not” even funny as an affiliate this is what i want to do I’m going to the video section and you have countless videos like a how to start an intimate keto diet and pressure and keto a steer to keto and you can download it and why i like a lot of the videos because from today 70% of the internet consists of video content, whether it is YouTube or Netflix I think it is currently takes over 60% of the internet commerce is video content only absolutely surpass the internet you want to use it and keep going up to date with present trends yes you can do it commodities that allow you to create textual material can write written advertisements and newspapers ads and that kind of thing, but that’s all latest video content people want to watch visually they want to see the person or persons If they want some confidence with the person or persons selling the concoction want to build a little relation with the produce visually before it exits and buy it that’s why I find video selling sits much better than that of clauses I do not say that textbooks and do not convert clauses but videos proselytize much better so you can download it one of these things and what I actually i find the video i use to$ 200 per date benefit on the to get speaker it’s going to make sense if we go developed in partnership and gather what you will see when I return to the market and actually click on the custom keto diets page it’s going to take me to the disembark page that looks like this and that I if done, I downloaded this video now, so they have a this was 25 instants I watched the whole thing this is a 25 time video about exactly what the keto diet is in depth the whole discipline behind it how you can lose weight how to make good use of it diet plan for yourself for your specific mas type and it is full of details so this is the video where i actually was to get parties to buy this commodity and earn$ 200 a day, but it video is not the essential points now we have to go look for people who actually looking forward to precisely this commodity because it does not help promoting a keto diet plan on video games direct that got nothing to do with diet and you precisely prevent a random ad on that we should actually is now going target specific gatherings precisely looking forward to the keto diet and this is when the audience really becomes a high conversion so that it is actually pretty easy to do these parties frequently involves countless YouTube and Google ads I will show you my accurate policy and certainly simplifies things for you and make it super easy so I come over to YouTube do not perturb we can not simply going to start youtube videos or any of that I really want to show you fast lesson, we just type in keto actually investigate a whole lot of beings talk about keto anything in the keto topic, what can you actually do YouTube Ads You Can Choose specific videos you want to watch publishes ads on how to start a keto diet, you can only place an ad this video if you are already crave 3 million views kill the keto diet you can only place an ad on this video by copying the link from it so I miss to do is that I like the top want to take 25 to 30 videos in the looking for the specific product, so let’s says we promote the examining of such products on culture or bullshit guideline character in the search bar for example contra “whos also” another amply curriculum that I am an integrated part of you will promote the culture of perfectly planned for talking beings merely pattern like the top 25 videos in the search word is so another example like I said you do not have to use the Quito, how do we make love then you can come to Google and you are eligible to exactly nature in YouTube ads and you are eligible to come here YouTube advertise you wants to click on this start now and it’s very important, so before you participate simply YouTube and Google ads and skip over it will be real crucial because I’m going to show you exactly how to target these ads only specific videos that lead to a lot higher converting audience passing so much better turnover and profits so we now click on start , we are go click here to get started we can start our expedition so i’m just go for example ketodians Clickbank we just call it us campaign for the video ad not you have what you need to do is this video I downloaded from the sales page I actually got it now on my computer you will see that it is currently a exhibition verse so you can see it’s a nice 22 minute video what we are actually going to see do an ad and what i like about this is you gives so much value in a free ad because retain people look at the ads free of charge and it truly will realize that this is what I certainly have as about this video, that is why we should do is that we have to go upload it So YouTube before we upload it video I simply want to show you abruptly about it so you can understand how this ad is gonna work so you can see which basically clarifies everything significant benefits as I said it all in item, but at the end of this video will see it if I simply click on a click a little to skip here “youre seeing” they have a little outro that told you so Click the button below and let’s do it now so it is very important now is a call to action at the end of this video ad that helps direct everything parties and tell the people if they crave this produce to click on the link below, so it’s super important with this kind of video ads, which I am too to do is upload it on my second YouTube channel what I use for my YouTube ads on YouTube for the name you are eligible to affix something basic training like keto diet that you do not do eat job descriptions and thumbnails do not need because we do not actually induce this video audience we just just wanted to do is we are ready to obligate the following video visibility sheet we does not wish to move “for childrens” and then for more paid alternatives advertisements or descriptions that one of us offers to you no need to worry about category solve it in education or beings blogs lawyers for education and then the visibility when we get to that invoice will wait until this is done formerly it’s finished processing here time click next for the video points you do not need worry about clicking next again visibility you just wanted to unlisted the public means that everyone on YouTube can watch and watch your video unlisted be interpreted to mean that merely people you share the link or read video with that video private implies exclusively you and you can watch the video that is so scheduled the one you want because you of course miss one people seamless to just not see this video the part YouTube platform once this is done, you can click on’ save’ and we can post a video and you will see that we got a unique YouTube video link and formerly you intention up on your Google ads dashboard to access video safaruss and you want to add clink new safarus you want to create campaign without resulting the goals and targets click on ads you want to select for a video ad want to choose a custom-made video safarus Click Continue and then in this next page on which we want to select the campaign name so that we can do keto diet training for the plans for which you can start small-scale so I can see$ 200 per dollar day I expend about 50 to 100 dollars a day, so I have about 300 seen 200 to 300 percent return on investment but what you can do is start big start at $ 10 a period we go$ 5 a daylight and try one auctions per daylight in return for about 20 to$ 30 in exchange and you can always use it to scale so you can start small and you can always expand from there and what you can do is that you can start education campaigns as quickly as possible so today is the 15 so we are going to choose the beginning time today, the end time is our can be utilized this lit storage for 5 days so we can go now from the 50 s to the 20 th unfortunately I is not able to do the conversion since Google ads in my country are on edge so if you do the changeover, 1 Rand is about 1 dollar is about 18 Rand so we can start by saying 200 Rand a date so it starts now so small it’s about$ 15 a date so we keep it around the corner one day for the network, so we want to choose exclusively YouTube videos we want( exclusively 6-5-5-2) YouTube videos we is not demand on YouTube search results and we do not crave video partners video partners are other pulpits combined with YouTube we just wishing YouTube language we crave all the places you demand all nations and territories because we of course require someone to find our ads naturally interested in Quito despite their country or speech for the armory nature you want to select has Ventre expanded so much better likewise uncovered your ad to more people reduce costs per click for your ad and then for eliminated types and labels do not worry about the name of the ad group we is impossible to place the key for a group ad or group the ad group key does not “ve got to be” anything specific demographics you do not have you have to worry about it if you just wanted to you can remove the unknown and lower 50% so you can target beings giving a household income from 41 to the top 10% and you can because of course this campaign or the whole keto diet costs about $ 100 that’s where you get your$ 40 come Commission from so you miss people have the kind of money to buy this concoctions, so you want to target your ads with people who have money for this because you does not wish to squander your time coin on the ads to people who is not which is in the bottom bracket of the is income in the world, so you want target that I at least the 41 would say up to 30% and everyone looks at the top 10% you is not have to worry about it is not necessary for gatherings we have to worry about it should we worry about the book topics we no need to worry about its most important duty is that posts are really be will target our ads on specific YouTube videos so we can choose YouTube videos and we can click on the plus indicate here and what you want to do is you will go through the whole let’s say the top 15 videos about keto diets on keto the keto pursuit term and you want to make sure that this first of all channels is money offset, if I espouse it, let’s say one how to start a keto diet and if i frisk it you can see it’s an ad so this canal is being monetized so we go to reproduce the link of this video, come back to a video campaign and “theres going” adhesive it again and one upright then you want to get back to the inquiry page now let’s go all you need to know about the keto diets and it is open in a brand-new invoice and you can see that vimeos they expose ads on their videos so you can see they make money imitation the link to this video glues the same thing above and you want to add it video to use instead as well a stage announced tube where you can filter the top videos on YouTube for specific keywords that are actually deserve this expensive, it’s about$ 60 a month, but it’s a great tool for more advanced consumers who ever making an income with affiliate market or if you can can render it previously, I hint this instrument otherwise you can continue to to use manual approach as I depict precisely here as you go through all this manually stimulate videos and make sure they make money and how got to make sure can go on your telephone and a look at these like yellow flecks at the start on video timeline because it’s ads and it’s how you can see if a canal is being monetized and then when I be changed to my phone exactly to show you invoking my webcam can see here at the end of this video is there like a yellow-bellied fleck on the timeline that makes this video is to show ads which is a good thing “its also” a video we can make exert so that it is the best way to make sure you follow this link to can copy come back to your ad and target another post and like I “ve told you” simply want to do it for the top 25 to 30 videos in the ketone niche on YouTube so what i did was just leave by about 17 total YouTube videos and directs that exist in the monetized keto niche is related to keto diets shredder to lose weight etc.About once you did whatever it is you just wanted to do and “re going through” as many videos as possibly in the top develops pages of keto keto diet anything related to you make and their produces revolve and add it to your announces on your YouTube YouTube ad placement slouse hanker do you want ads on that particular videos because people search YouTube for the specific videos it is of course interested in the keto product and you wants to target them and then he rectifies for your maximum CP V, but what I actually you are not really about this will pay for your ad until person idea or click on your ad so you can see it YouTube ads count as somebody keep your ad longer than 30 seconds or when someone really sounds on the link in the ad or the description of your ad when you really pay your ad, so if you place your ad for two weeks and no one actually sounds on you ads that you are not actually going to pay a penny for your ad which is pretty cool kind of like Google’s money back guarantee if no one clicks on your ads so the average CPD is only on YouTube frequently about $ 50 which is about 910 Raddatz from Africa so I often use simply 10 rand for my CPP Birds on me ads like that anyway between $ 50 the more you devote, the more parties will click on your ads, but of course the more you pay for your ads then the less you waste of course perhaps the less beings click on your ads, but the register are you going to spend more on your ads coin you save, so I like it balanced against about North all these fifty and then for you procreating your video ad want to copy the link to that unlisted the video we are only uploaded comes back now and paste it here where you want to make sure it can be hop-skip in-stream advertising so people are able to watch video and they can actually keep watching the ricochet video because you do not require a video invention ad because this kind of appear on the side of videos parties is no longer able click on that you want it hop-skip an in-stream ad and then you are able to find in your part that you want to come back to your Clickbank market you want to click on the advertisements of your concoction and no we are not actually going to copy it Clickbank link I will show you now a ruse I use, then click on your username you can use such a tracking ID if YouTube ads on generate move click left follow this move association kept it in your browser and click enter and you actually want to copy it hop-skip join because what many of the YouTube ads deplored Plane on, because what a great deal of the YouTube Advertising Campaigns Do Blocking this kind of a ended tie-in sometimes they do approve of this kind of hop relates here if it is not for you it may differ for you sometimes it suits me well sometimes I get boycotted or the ad not approved, you must go through a platform page and create a aqueduct sheet I will leave playlist below, to my full recourse market playlist that will help you countless all three videos on YouTube are not like any sale of two thousand dollar track, it’s all free now you can learn how to land pages, but if not if you do approve an ad with this you can simulate this join back to your ad blitz and glue it here and en You want to review a call to action I are really change it to free personal died so you can see personal free diets that lead to the hop link of your Clickbank product then for the we do not have to worry about it for the ad call we can berth quito YouTube advertise for example we do not have to be something specific about it and it is what does it look like on the mobile view and on the tabletop it is what it will look like you too two examples of your ads, if I on clink preview on portable maneuvers and people can then click on the free tradition food design can skip the ad, and that’s what it is looks a lot like what we want then for this we can then click make safarus and our campaign will then start so you can see a little brief description of the review from 15 June to 20 a-the all countries all languages and of course we gave the post leader for which videos “theres going” show how we can then clink continue the campaign and now you are eligible to identify my ad is now eligible and this ad is the beginning operating today so it is the various kinds of policies I exercised is targeting these types of video ads what you can get on your own or some some of these products are affiliated participation areas where you can get a ton of resources I am going to do about very specific audiences on YouTube as I have shown you this specific find videos on YouTube and use YouTube ads to go promote what is likely to be used YouTube and videos and not really verse material like Google rankings because I feel and from my own experience “its just” vary much better, just to show you some auctions I get of this now that you kind understand how this whole method acts so hopefully the proof and the sales When you enter, it will perform more sense if you retain you can see some of my auctions here is the 15 th today we thump five auctions today at forty-five forty to fifty-one so if we’re cultivating this art, I’m just going to demonstrate you how I got two hundreds dollars earning, so I have 45 to 38 plus 42 to 97 plus 51 to 62 plus 45 to 38 Plus it’s then 38.8 17 what is this five marketings I made today are in total 223 today so this is how toils are two hundreds of dollars a day some daytimes was more, some periods were less fair to show you that it’s my live dashboard another screenshot so and you can see yesterday was three sales, so it was a little less and the day before yesterday it was for sale it’s all paid traffic; that’s not all free as I justified Google ads are offer, but the delightful thing is just you start paying for your ads as beings click on your ad or see it and you would like to see the results of this particular ad I require do is that I want you to follow me below on Instagram I also leave a bit treat on the screen and on the I provide at the end of July 20 I consider it was on 20 -2 0 July that I will post the narration on my Instagram page report where you can see it and I will post the research results they make for it, make sure you can follow my Instagram below at Schaefer on them and I leave a little as I said it, the thing on the screen and then a attach below and then likewise give it to you and then too for Clickbank marketing confidentials walk away everything i crave to do is if you are new to the path sign off below with the bond trace sure you’re wearing the region, I can see leaving a similar on this video, I will actually revalue the carry and then observe below that you did and I let the download link to sometimes i comment on you below get a lot of explains, give it a go a few hours or so and I will too provide comments on the top notes but if you watch the video so soon as I posted it I will give all your answers criticisms, so make sure you do so you can take your track and also on screen now somewhere I leave a link to my chapter sell playlist when you can go learn more about affiliate market I will too leave me a second one Google Ads Training Where I Created It neat long 20 instant video on Google ads same to this one will assist you a great deal, so make sure you go and click on the on screen and I actually hope you find a lot of value make sure you criticism in one of the videos so I can see if do you are familiar with or if you guys need help with anything cific and i will help you so make sure you click on the screen that video and i’ll see you there


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