Zero To $50K In 5 DAYS (Copy & Paste This Affiliate Marketing TripWire Cash Machine!) *PROOF*

i just got 55 000 online, all i did was i came to this site to claim 150 google ads coupon facsimile and adhesive it tripwire campaign and now i have seen atotal of 55 000 online with this affiliate marketing program before “were starting to” I only want to show you that this is live proof and what I did indeed earn from the approach so what I’m going to do is I’m just going to reload this dashboard here so you can see it is indeed my life dashboard and now you can see it was freshened and it’s my living earnings and over here when i come to me payment conservatories only to show you how i always get paid out of this important to know how to get paid from these things um so i’m just waiting for this to upload, you can be paid via PayPal check to your door or bank wire where they do a bank change to any banks in the world countries and it will be converted to your neighbourhood currency automatically so if you is not havePay Pal simply use bank cable or check it’s going to be one of the best affiliate sell videos you’ll view on youtube so far it’s going to be a unusually in-depth course of courses that I paid over two thousand dollars for now the information is now on me YouTube channel free most affiliate purveyors will not show you various kinds of policies the liberty useconversion pours with tripwires with more sales sold off email marketing series follow-ups for all traffic methods and most affiliate purveyors disguise these various kinds of backdoors because they would rather make money out of you learn you now rubbish about this video I’m going to discover all is you make it completely free on YouTube open video has more than two thousand dollars worth of value I’ll at least give you everything in this video which is a totality congestion track totally free my entire tripwire cash dispenser for you to copy and glue my entire email commerce lineup built into this tr however for you to copy and glue and me done for your products ready to connect this funnel but I’m going to warn you if you do not have a long attention span I did two things for you, it’s going be a very long video I articulated timestamps below and this video is available in all languages around the world if you click on the cc alternatives or the closed captions you will be able to see all the languages and the captions will change in your word so if you have good attention team and you are willing to learn and attained this video is why you if you do not do it, I suggest you click because it is going to be about a 20 to 30 minute long video um i’m going as i said i will stop timestamps below and a lot of effort has been put into this video so i would really appreciate it if you could agree below to this youtube channel with the notification button so i can send you a sense each time i’m uploading anepic video just like this also follows me on Instagram here, you can follow my podcast material dm me and you can also see from my market develops I affix on my storeys so without further ado we can get straight into this video and the next thing i want to explain is a short outline of this funnel i designed for you in what a pour is design developer now what this funnel looks like to explain the important steps so that when i designed it actually in this tool and make it for you to go facsimile and paste you understand what step I am on and what I’m actually doing so here we go from left to right we firstly have all our traffic we have pinterest email facebook reddit linkedin Google Twitter mark any traffic beginning to which you might think it could be paid or free traffic that we first come across has a subscription page where we go to exchange a call and email with our evidence for a one- time low-cost item, for example an e-book that is checked off is from 99 to from two do llar keep it, this is what we call the tripwire is so we need something seductive something that when the clues end up on this page they just have this opportunity now to get 95 off and buy it now as I said a excellent speciman is that e-book instead of 99 you are going to mark it up to just two dollars or something tender like that which then impels it irresistible from the subscription they will be placed in asequential prescribe so if they do not buy this commodity now the follow-up order is a series of emails that give them forward the benefit of the product and to mostly sell the product to them they get back to the product to obligate that buy so a follow-up order basically increases your shift paces by about 20 to 30 percentage then formerly the government has bought your big e-book they are going to be taken to aone time offer which is the next product which is also supposed to be alluring I have for example the useaffiliate curriculum hi er blueprint I’m now going to explain which I’m basically giving away about five thousand dollars worth of bonuses with Carter if you sign up so it’s a one time offer you get exclusively from me I’m giving it to you too and they can actually get it nowhere is not come otherwise they are now made if they buy it to the thank you page where they can grab their render if they did not buy it they will be taken to an additional sale where they can get my bonuses at even a cheaper rate that they will then plaza backups in a follow up order they will receive a series of emails about the next few days they take back to the offer again increase your changeover rate by 30 to 40 so this upsell is another benefit point for you to even more fund left over here and then on the thank you page if they do not buy it again, they are put on to another follow up order that takes them back to your one time offer page so no matter where your traffic becomes as them from the page clink if they are not interested, they will always be redirected in their emails to your one-time offer something like that turns super super wild into something like a a bridge sheet then immediately to the affiliate offer you need to follow up in between to have what all these mysteries are here I’m going to reveal in today’s video and this is information that numerous affiliate purveyors do not reveal to you unless you’re literally paying them two thousand dollars for their track so what I’m going to do is I’m actually going to see you through this whole take funnel through all the demonstration pages when you enter this funnel with the click of a button so over here we have the first sheet what is this page above your due sheet now retain what you got all your congestion to this page now where they sign up with their first name and email it’s all merely template textbook now over here we’ll of course replace it with the free product we bring out like a free ebook or whatever are we used to stealing our clues to this funnel formerly they have entered their name and email to which they are going to be taken this page here where they can go and buy and get their overwhelming trend or e-book ticked off like 9, 99 to precisely two dollars or something like that it’s page here about the low cost item page again the bribe point will be over here just not set up yet you have a heading that gets attention now with some of the seductive features of this product now here if they sounds from this page let’s say they are not interested they close the page perfectly what will happen is it login page above they saved to a sequence so this order will then redirect them and get them back here tripwire page about this that will keep them getting to buy this produce once the government has bought it, it will make them to the tripwire make so over here is the one time offer for example this is where I sit my cartridge sheet where I pattern sells as an affiliate and throws over five thousand dollars away ethic of bonuses here is a short video of course we have to replace it all and then they can say yes upgrade for this amount or no not interested now if they click on yes for ameliorate it will make them to the thank you page here with a last-place thank you page because they have now bought your commodity if they click on no I is certainly not interested it’s going to a sale where you assume you offer the same product, but instead of 9.99 per month for example you can go grab it for simply 29.99 per month last chance for example and you want to make it even more resistant than the original furnish page here again when they click, it does not interest will make them to the thank you page but they are then placed in a follow up order now which along the line they will get emails that you can offer them even better tickets and get onto back to your one time offer page and then it is clear if they buy it, is it going to make them to the final thanks sheet here that looks like now you have seen what the funnel actually looks like even the sheets and everything now i want to show you how you can go and enter it with the clink of a button so we can just go change our SMS according to our commodity and I’m going to show you the products I use that I likewise plug into this funnel we are now going to continue to go and actually construct this funnel so the first step is you want to overcome I’m going to leave a link below in the description of this motif tool over here now if you use my blueprint linkyou are going to get over five thousand dollars worth of bonuses perfectly free of charge you do not have to buy kartra um if you ever decide to cancel then you can keep the bonuses forever completely free as a thank you from me, but carter does have a 15 date and a 30 era trial period I think you do get the option on the money quality in which you can use this strategy within those 15 to 30 daylights to literally pay off your cartridge statements now again about what I like cartridge compared to builderall and sounds pours and those kind of programmes you can actually import done for you already did campaigns with the sound of a button that is a big reason why i moved to carter so formerly you sign up to carter in the link in the description it’s going to take you to this dashboard now you can see all kinds of pours you have got YouTube affiliate marketing pours pattern bonus funnels high-pitched ticket masterclass safaruss affiliate advertorial um lei note your safaruss gave participation one page marketings campaigns quick openings simple schedule makes the one we are going to use here across which is one of the highest converting moves on structure is the tripwire campaign now so formerly you concluded it on your structure dashboard click on the three scatters and click on deploy and it will laden allbrowse all the rows all the assets the labels on your note all we need to go and do is design those pages manufacture those chassis like I’m going to show you in this video so once it’s done you can actually come to see me expeditions now just to make sure it’s uploadedyour chronicle you can see my tripwire expedition is uploaded now then what you want to do is you want to come over to the pages invoice we are firstly get the sheets you are going to design here click on brand-new websites and create a new website called tripwire sort in for example travel thread campaign and then for the sheets you want to go and select all your tripwire pages so they are able to all be presented at alphabetical seek um, they will all have a trip, so here you can for example consider the outing under all the pages with advance just go and select it because it’s all the sheets in your campaign you opened and then click on add here um it’s done now, let’s click on done and you will see if I click on the tripwire safarus because why I do it is because when I click on all the sites I have so many pages here it’s just a mess to go and find everything so I basically have my whole safarus in a categorizedseparate category so I can really go and work with these sheets and let’s go work in order in agreement with the final over here we first got our due page our due sheet above is this one over here is the travel subscription page we are going to click on these three specks and we are will now and then click on edit let’s click on edit at the top right so it can open this page in the pattern landing page builder here so here you can see we can now go and edit this page we can change the verse we can change our configuration figure we can do what we like with this the first thing we go and do is for our opt-in page we are going to give away something for free now the idea i had came over to where we can actually go and get free video route sse free ebooks free music free uh software graphics etc now we are going to use videos here that I like to give away video courses and video content because I find that people opt visual content instead of reading ebooks so click only click on products click on videos with resale claims here so that aims these video directions here you are allowed to go resale and determine, remain all the money yourself you do not have to give anyone you can use credit these produces you have given the license to as your own look at some of we have these commodities now proven affiliate market theories mesmerizing rendition formulae three ways to make money online with arbitrage now since the main product i am actually going to promote is this is the affiliate program i like you actually run evidence uh the whole affiliate program now with all the possible earnings you are eligible to reach i of these here try affiliate sell conceptions now the reason why i wanted to use it is because it is related to my primary concoction so the product you are giving away should be related to the main product my central produce is a funnel Boulder now with affiliate commerce and final building it fits perfectly therefore fit perfectly and I go and use it you can go and click download now, which will then download to your computer and I have it in a brand-new folder here that looks a lot like it in order to be allowed to right click on download now and look at all the content in this video direction now so when I open the video folder we got when our computer decided to download everything this 40 full 40 video direction here now this is completely free for us to go give away so first if I close this uh and I come back to the directory here and I open graphics we have a whole bunch of graphics portraits that we can use on our auctions page so we can go reduce it, let’s come back to our sheet a sheet now which is something we motif so we want to b y pattern disappear imitate these confirmed affiliate sell concepts we can go replace it with the entitle and we can replace it with the title here 40 video intensive teaching we can post now three let’s go 497 and we are capable of extend form here free of charge so come we go and emphasize this 497 we are intending to positioned a line through it and we want to make it lifelong for free much bigger let’s go make it just for example like 3.0 let’s go represent the rest of this text a little smaller at some top maybe six and let’s go and emphasize it with a dye make it a bright lettuce for example and here opposite you can see this title stands out from proven affiliate sell abstractions 40 video intensive course 497 now free for life and now across from this material now we are able to literally reproduce um the names of the others that are on this page browse here on idplr so we can go literally really and foreground this verse paste it as it is, let’s just make it exceedingly kle iner, for example like 0.8 we can for example copy this small paragraph now and use it as our paragraph about the subparagraph slouse paste it just like photo now over click on the edit vogue we are just going to replace it with the flood click on image selected sound on upload slide on come over to the directory where we saved our e-book that we downloaded from idplr, come over to the graphic folder now and you want to go upload for example let’s do this picture here with all the cd’s all the e records and everything in one packet photo so it looks like your lead that you get a whole lot of information for free you will see what I entail now, click on this photo over here you are just uploading wait until it done, click on confirm and click on application above, yes you can see your image has now been replaced so yes you can see this page is actually looking very good here what we can do now is that we can really change this title and we can say send to your email ond er for free and then what we are going to do is we are going to edit this form here simply click on this pen option here edit mode for the subscription sort we want to select the tripwire subscription, click on apply and here over “youre seeing” it is now complete and then at the bottom over here where it only has your copyright perhap put your name so I will only sit down you for example 2021 j from and then what we can do is this page first subscription page has completed, we can click on acts save progress here or publish instantly so firstly save publish immediately your sheet was now saved and this page is now ready to go we can continue to the second page over here what is your tripwire low cost system what is your tripwire page now so now once that’s done we can close it then close this invoice, click on your tripwire safarus pages and let’s go to page number two this sheet here is the tripwire free ship sheet where they k to deliver our e-book, let’s click on the three dots click on edit now and then click on the lettuce edit button so we can go edit page one thing I forgot to mention we can not actually use this concoction run prepared not free so we are just going to quickly set it at two dollars because remember if we provide this concoction for free it wastes the whole funnel because we actually have to have that overwhelming payment top now where they paid two dollars for our product and then are on sell to the one time offer so we can not leave utter it actually away for free otherwise it will save an entire tripwire sheet over here, then let’s go revise this textbook here for two dollars, then we can just go and click on file and publish this live again and then formerly it’s saved here it’s waiting for it to finish, you can click on close click on back on structure open my sheets click on tripwire campaign now and we can go edit page number two what it istripwir e low cost item page here let’s go and edit this page okay this is the tripwire free ship sheet so let’s go and sound edit click on the light-green revise button so it will open in the live sheet journalist right for our claim we can do the same title going to use which is something we used on the previous page proven affiliate marketing concepts for you 40 video intense uh improve video intensive rehearsal we can just go make it adventurou here for your sub-rule we can post you for example two dollar period access then what i hanker do is this little video here, we are capable of go and replace it with a drawing so we want to go and close this video click on constituents here click on images you want to go drag the picture to this same section where the video was and go time and supplant this click on the edit mode click on no portrait selected and go and select the same image here, click on confirm and click on fit it is perfect for the bet aal sheet click on the write now and you will see the pour now give you some standard produce precedents previously so we have the sale of the previously I product two three and offerfour etc.We just have to go edit that so is coming to carter here is coming to you my produces invoice you will see the tripwire core commodity illustration now, click on it and now over there we will see uh waiting for it to upload, we can go edit everything our products now the first concoction we have is the one time one tripwire make lesson here is the product we are going to have for two dollars our big affiliate sell trend that we give away for free so we want to go um and revise it here so we are going to click on edit product click on edit produce again kind in the name of the product we can just go use for example affiliate marketing concept so we can only have affiliate typing marketing concepts click on next click on save and next for the prices we want to go and meet these changes sound to two dollars more than here “were coming” move two dollars um we do not need a shipping cost, we is not need nuisance tax, we is not have to worry about pay plan leave it all as the default click on save the concoction expenditures now click on next so we can set up our sheets so here we want to change um clickwe want to change the next sheet to our one-time offer page here we are going to change it to the stumbled to the trip oto page this is the one time offer click on save here click on save and next for the pay stations we can leave it all as default which you do not have to worry about this just click on save and next post auction we want further your product material just here click on change you want to click on a downloadable folder click on no extremely upload a new register and you want to upload file click here and you want to go upload this zip folder that you downloaded from idpliers j aged free give away so for example um you time doubled click on it it will load up and you are eligible to on save over click here once you are done click on save next and now when people mostly check out with this product over here it moves around to their device to download, so it’s now complete come back to your blueprint page over here, click on um file really save progress of this sheet and we need to reload this page to update everything so let’s right clink reload after you have it saved otherwise you do not want to lose your saved progress click on the repay now the anguish alter form um you want to click choose a commodity that is going to be your affiliate market perceptions about your toll place one click on two-step pay point click on apply yes you can see this compensate spot become public as soon as you publish this sheet for the attention draw ability now, we can for example only kind 497 and we are able to articulated 497 we are able to put a line through this and then we just want to say uh now merely two dollars and we are able to it prepares for example a green color so this text stands out come we click on bright lettuce perfect now merely two dollars for this small sub-paragraph here, we can go and use the same for example paragraph on this page and just right click copy come over to you cochlear sheet and adhesive it just like that here we can take a bold print so it looks like it and now our one time offer page is ready click on fire right above dark-green button click on publish immediately so it is now published directly for parties to see and our second page in our move is complete now here, we can close it come back to your decoration pages over here i go on my sheets click uh click on tripwire campaign and we are moving forward and continue with our one time offer page now page number three you will like this formerly insure proposal page above is this tripwire oto one time offer now we can go and click on the three flecks now, we can click on do uh revise again here and we want to go this sheet edit now so we can go edit it distributed according to our make well so now we can go edit this sheet and this is what we are going to do you will see this pattern bonus page here is a great benefit I use to build mypattern affiliate program but the thing is I do not use it to rip parties it is actually a win-win for everyone because all these bonuses here are worth more than five thousand dollars it has a lot of value like your own done for you one dollar cash dispenser funnel your own done -for-your sag work busines your own affiliate advertorial pour your high-pitched ticket product pour your blueprint for it funnel what this bonus pour is about here on the second link in the description it makes you to a takepage like this now what you need to do you have to go all the way down to the bottom and it will look like this t you actually have to go down to claim it and then you come to your pattern dashboard click on my expeditions over please click here on accessible expeditions over here you want to click on importation at the bottom right of the screen and you are going to enter the percentage system here paste and this whole pattern-affiliated funnel that looks like this with all the bonuses you can give away is now on your pattern affiliate chronicle that you can use for the tripwire move so what I’m going to do is I’m going to start with the entitle of this sheet of the year we can get get this funnel builder with 5 000 uh was that what the exact amount was uh what was the exact one five two six six seven so let’s go five two six seven dollar bonuses for one dollar premium has increased to 497 tonight for this video now we can actually go and close this I’m going to close it and what I’m going to do is I’m going to add an image let’s go to components let’s come to portraits we’re going to draw theimage to the page where the video was and I extend go upload this scene now that I came from my bonuses sheet now which you are able to too get, do not worry about it um so right click save this is something that your computer about this i will only save it in the same directory where I saved we give away and then I’ll replace this image with it, let’s click on the revise vogue now click on upload click on upload image again on select the persona click on open now and it is now time upload to your page where we can go and replace this situation so only click on the picture as soon as it is loaded click on confirm and click on apply and there you can see it was now supplanted here reach soon this offer is limited and what we can actually disappear do is I’m actually even going to leave it examinations better so we are going to click on factors about this we want to go and look for a countdown click on countdown here opposite we can but any one lead use these templates I am going to use it white one we can put it there where I am going to replace this t ydteller instead of this verse and we can place your revise mode we want to choose um based on landing date dynamics for the timer we want to make it for example 10 instants so click on apply each time and this timer someone outcomes up on this page we will say it’s a timer of 10 minutes that gives people the idea they only have 10 times left buy this um and then now one dollar your first month we are going to go yes for example claim for one dollar is your first month and then what we are going to do is we want to upgrade clink yes for 99 here um we want to replace this verse with really one dollars a month now instead of having this button set to a remuneration point we are moving forward and doing is this whole pattern bonus funnel now I showed how to get on the link below we are going to set up this button the kartra bonus page which then enforces your evidences to go buy pattern under your affiliate link to get it bonuses now they just need to buy the trial they is not actually have to do stays on pattern to keep these bonuses use very well as I said it’ s a win-win so we’ll copy the page over here when we get back to our contra dashboard now where you want to come back to pages remember you have now recruited that funnel as I registered you with the system it will come up with pattern bonuses share here are the bonuses page here so click on get code or tie-up you want to copy the sheet tie-in here opposite and wishes to framed it on this button here and we are going to click on for example text and then paste this over link we are going to link to another page clink we are going to link to external clink habit url and adhesive it here and click on application do only for the text we can go claim for one dollar click on application here and now we can save on file click on progress now now this page is now saved and published on the internet come we also only click on publish directly and there go we our move is now complete since we are do not actually haveto go establish the thank you page render here or the sale because recollect the bonuses will automatically sell parties to which go-cart blueprint has its own funnel and thank you page for you so we does not necessarily have to go and worry about this the next thing we have to do is just edit our email rows now about your term dashboard here click on my communication you want to click on uh communication and then click on sequences here and you will see all your tripwire concoction follow your subscription to all your follow up above so let’s go and click on for example the follow up we are become click on edit let’s go edit this email order and yes you can see all these emails are set up for you all you might be able to do is just click on them and lead edit the textbook according to your product so you merely click on edit here and you can go and edit all the text the same with this order here, let me just go back to give you the opt-in order when i click edit have all the emails loaded for you this is what’s great about kartra your everything is entered with the clink of a button here “youre seeing” these emails are laden, so it’s all pour generated for you “were having” the subscription page it will take them to the patternlow cost tripwire page the one time offer they take to the pattern bonuses page they then sell to pattern, this is how i drew more than fifty thousand dollars with this pattern affiliate program then you want to go and show ads on this funnel with free google certificates so we can come to google and simply exploration free google certificates claim for example and let’s go and have a look at expend your promotional codes how to one hundred dollars importance of ad vouchers three legitimate ways to get google ads uh advertisings$ 170 google ads promises attain some of these locates follow the instructions on how to get google a dwords voucher free here three legal ways to get google ads publicity approvals um pursuit coupon locates with coupon tracking retailme affirm voucher codes immediately from google um, you have the secret 19 google ads approval app over here is another place where you can go and get 170 Google ads promotional code how to get free google coupons in google in 2021 yes you can see is a free google advertising code again all you do is just follow the instructions on how to apply it actually closes on your Google dashboard and you can for example rectified five dollars a day that will give you about 100 to 200 deems a day on your move the whole point is that you want to grow your email index with this now what I’m going to do is to help you even more if you really want to specialize in Google ads with this funnel I have actually have a whole Google ads um course on YouTube completely free it’s some of the best videos I have about the a past two years posted on youtube about how i operate my google ads i’m going to have a playlist on the loosescreen here for you that will go all in depth on how i give my google ads race so you can click onthis playlist here go check and apply this funnel as i apply other pours to these google ads now all you have to do is of course just think outside the box you need to set this funnel to your google ads here so go and click on this Google ads playlist and trend now and I will Watch you there

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